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Oh Snooki, I Just Don’t Know Thee

Proving that anyone can become an author, Snooki has released a book and I will give it to her her that the title (A Shore Thing) is somewhat clever – probably more clever than any written phrase in the entire book. I watched her on Ellen yesterday and she was also on the screen in front of me at the gym, ironic much? Anyway, I digress.

Check out the video of her on Ellen and you’ll have to let me know if you consider blacking out to be a normal thing when you party – I thought that usually means you have a little problem with the drinky drink. Just thinking aloud here.

A waste of space?

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Dexter Season 5 Trailer – Watch!

If you watched Season 4, you know that it ended with quite a shocker. I won’t spoil it for any of you who have not yet seen it, but if that’s the case, don’t watch the trailer either.

Are you excited for Season 5 to start? September 26 is the date.

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True Blood Fans – Meet Your New Werewolf

I wonder if he works out? Meet Joe Manganiello.

The specimen below just appeared in Episode 3 and it’s too soon to know what his role will be. But do we really care or just like to look at him? Well, if you want to actually know more about him, click here for more details about the person behind the body.

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This Pic of Mark Salling Might Give You ‘Glee’

Does he do it for ya? If so, click here for more pictures of him lounging in Vegas.

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Snookie, I Thought You Were Classy

My heart aches for you Snookie, I feel like I have been deceived as I thought you were a classy lady! Ok, I can’t even seriously pretend to be funny about that because it’s not even believable. I will say though, that I don’t personally care that she’s making out with some dude in a bar, that part doesn’t bother me at all even if I think it’s just a tad bit tacky. However, I am a little disappointed in her outfit and positioning. I’ve never really been into “Hello Kitty” before and I’m definitely not into it now, and certainly not with a trucker hat on! Ewww.

There are a few more pics of the cast if you click this link. Don’t fret, you won’t catch anything by doing so. P.S. She’s from Jersey Shore, in case you didn’t know.

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Madonna + ‘Glee’ = Perfection

As you may have heard, the hit show Glee is going to have an entire Madonna episode. Yep, that’s right! It isn’t yet clear if M will make a guest appearance in the episode, but the anticipation is building nonetheless. Reportedly, the song list is as follows:

Open Your Heart
Burning Up
4 Minutes
Crazy For You
Like A Virgin
Like A Prayer
What It Feels Like For A Girl
Express Yourself

Borderline and Open Your Heart are actually mixed into one song as sort of a medley while all the other songs are performed in full or in an edit version. All songs’ arrangements are inspired by the album original versions of the songs except for Express Yourself, inspired by the famous “Video Version” and Crazy For You which is presented as an exclusive acoustic guitar version.(source)

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Breast Implants Are Not Safety Cushions

Yeah, more antics from the brilliant participants on the ‘Real World/Road Rules Challenge’. I feel bad for the girl and honestly, most of these girls probably have them right? But perhaps she should have read the safety sheet for those new funbags she purchased. Just a suggestion.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Breast Implants Are Not Safety Cushions“, posted with vodpod

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Has Anyone Seen ‘Hung’ On HBO?

I wanna wanna wanna, I miss having a show that’s fun to watch. I also want to see True Blood, so it might be time to choose a paid channel soon!

Check out the really cool opening to the show, I love it!

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The Weave Has Landed – Real Housewives of Atlanta Returns

Watch Kim’s re-intro video for the upcoming second season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. I’m not yet sure how I feel about the new cast member, but there’s still enough crazy left to make it interesting.

Let’s all say this together, “Hot Mess!” After the jump, reacquaint yourself with Kim Zolciak. Continue reading

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey – Danielle Brings Out “The Book”

Ooh, the tension erupts! I tried posting the vid and of course, it’s acting crazy! Must be the video content, it can’t handle the stress. Check it out here

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Adam Lambert’s Officially…Gay

Adam Lambert Rolling StoneThe biggest duh moment of the day, he comes out. And guess what, that’s a great thing that people love him (or hate him) because of his musical abilities, showmanship, and overall style – not his sexuality. Here’s part of the interview from the upcoming Rolling Stone:

“I don’t think it should be a surprise for anyone to hear that I’m gay,” Lambert says in the new issue of Rolling Stone, hitting newsstands this week. 

The flamboyant Idol singer hits our cover and bares all, talking about his childhood (”I started to realize I wasn’t like every other boy,” he says), the drug-fueled Burning Man epiphany that led him to AI (”I realized that we all have our own power, and that whatever I wanted to do, I had to make happen,” he tells RS) and his run on the show (”I was like, ‘I’m going to glue rhinestones on my eyelids, bitch!’ “). And yes, he talks about his sexuality. “Right after the finale, I almost started talking about it to the reporters, but I thought, ‘I’m going to wait for Rolling Stone, that will be cooler,’ ” he tells us. “I didn’t want the Clay Aiken thing and the celebrity-magazine bullshit. I need to be able to explain myself in context.

“I’m proud of my sexuality,” Lambert adds. “I embrace it. It’s just another part of me.” Ultimately, however Lambert tells RS contributor Vanessa Grigoriadis that there are other parts of his life that he’s trying to keep front and center. “I’m trying to be a singer, not a civil rights leader,” he says.

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Heidi & Spencer Weren’t Tortured, America Weeps

If you’ve been watching I‘m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here, you know that Heidi and Spencer have made a mockery of the whole experience. Sadly for them, it shows more than 3-sentence scenes and it ended up making them look completely ridiculous and delusional. On The Hills, they could get by with playing their characters, giving pensive looks, villainous snarls, etc. 

Then came news they were returning after quitting several times, and in order to return they were stuck inside a little cave with creepy crawlies abound, but shortly thereafter Heidi (the one with pretty hair) had to go to the hospital. Then more crap surfaced and the word “torture” was used. Having said that, you know that in their eyes torture is probably just having to stare at each other without the prospect of buying new shoes or having a Pinkberry. Well, now their publicist clarifies:

“There have been many reports that surfaced over the weekend regarding Spencer and Heidi Pratt. Many of these reports are false and inaccurate, including any reports of ‘torture’ on the show,” the rep tells Us.

Don’t you wonder what Jesus thinks? He’s probably like, “Hell no, I don’t want you two bitches.”

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Project Runway Returns In August!

I have been enjoying Fashion Show and have felt that if PR didn’t come back soon, FS was definitely a worthy replacement. It has become clear that Lifetime had better get the show on the air soon or people just might have moved on.

Check out this timeline of troubles the show has faced and read the rest of the article for insights into season 6. 

Beginning in April 2008, the hit series became the disputed pawn in a trio of lawsuits between The Weinstein Company (which owns a majority stake in the show), NBC Universal (parent company to the series’ original network, Bravo), and Lifetime (which bought the rights for seasons 6 through 10).

The legal deadlock kept the fate of the entire series hanging in the balance for almost a year. ”By the end of production [of season 6],” says new exec producer Jon Murray, ”we started to joke around, like, ‘Are we going to have to show this to our friends and families in our living rooms?”’

Nope. Thanks to a resolution reached in April, “Runway” will soon be back in almost everyone’s living room. Season 6 premieres Aug. 20 on Lifetime, amid a blowout marketing campaign that is one of the biggest in the network’s 25-year history.

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Words of Wisdom From Lauren Conrad

In honor of her departure from The Hills, TV Guide put together some memorable quotes from Lauren Conrad through the years. Have a gander, would you? And let’s all wish Lauren well, she gets to live her life away from the village of idiots. 

Season 1, Episode 9 “Love is Not a Maybe Thing”
Heidi debates breaking up with her boyfriend Jordan when she isn’t quite sure if missing him means it’s a relationship worth saving. Lauren makes it simple for her:
“Love is not a maybe thing; you know when you love someone.”                       

Season 2, Episode 9 “New Year, New Friends”
As Lauren and Lo chat about New Year’s Eve and their almost run-in with former friend Jen Bunney, Lauren decides that she’s happy having a smaller group of girls:
“Honestly, like, at this point I would so much rather have, like, a few good friends than a lot of fake friends.”

Season 3, Episode 2 “Big Girls Don’t Cry”
As Lauren and Lo discuss Audrina and Justin Bobby’s rocky relationship history, Lo asks Lauren if she thinks people can really change:
“I think that everyone can change if the right person comes along, and I think that every girl wants to be the right person. Every girl wants to be the one girl that can change that guy.”

Season 3, Episode 18 “When One Door Closes”
When Brody confesses that he’s scared to get into a new relationship since he hasn’t had great ones in the past, Lauren sheds some light on the subject:
“Nobody has had the best relationships in the past, that’s why they end.

Season 5, Episode 9 “Hi Lauren, It’s Spencer”
Once again, Lauren tries to explain to Heidi that she’s alienated everyone in order to be with Spencer. Lauren likens it to a previous relationship when she says this:
“I remember being with Jason… and thinking everything would be perfect if we could go to an island somewhere. But life isn’t an island. You have to have other people in your life.”

Bonus: let’s not forget how far Lauren has come. Back in her Laguna Beach days she gave us this gem when she was discussing boys with Heidi and Jen:

Laguna Beach Season 2, Episode 13 “Boys Are Like Purses”
“You’re always going to have that one boy that you’re always comfortable with and you’ll always kind of like, right? That’s your purse that you wear everywhere. Then you have that gorgeous bag you want everyone to see you with… .Then you have those other purses that you really like but don’t really want to be seen with.”

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“Medium”, You Broke My Heart

Don’t watch this if you haven’t yet seen the finale…but what I can say is that I love love love Patricia Arquette and found the episode to be not only clever but also very moving. And particularly sad because it seems that NBC has cancelled it. CBS, please pick it up!

Update: Watch the full episode here, in case the video doesn’t load. Damn you NBC!

A tear nearly fell from my eye before the acid evaporated and I couldn’t seem to produce another. But I tried!

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