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All-American Male Models – What Are They Looking At?

Here’s a contest I found online: All American Guys Top 15 models for the year 2008. But more important than the contest is this video, who is the hottest model in it and who will go on to host Spring Break contests for years to come? I generously made that last part up even though it might be more appropriate to say they’re prime for a dancing gig with Chippendales, but I don’t know if they can dance or not. 

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Does watching this video turn you on or does it make you laugh? For me, it makes me laugh and I can’t help but think they look like total douches. Is that wrong? I realize they’re just doing a job but I just get the sense that they’re standing there with a singular thought in their head: “I look hot, look how hot my biceps look, I’m hot, you want me cause I’m so hot?”

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If You Live In the Northwest…

Please bundle up, get some candles, edible undies, and plenty of blankets. Which of those “is not like the other”? In all seriousness, be prepared for this:

A major storm with wind gusts up to 90 mph and snowfall that could be a much as a foot deep was moving in from the Pacific, the newspaper reported.

This accumulation could pile on top of ice and snow left over from earlier this week. All major schools in the Seattle-Tacoma area were closed Friday, CNN affiliate KIRO-TV in Seattle reported, as roads were too icy for buses to navigate. 


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2008 Smut Awards – Highlight Of The Year!

There’s no time to waste as the 2008 Scandalist Awards voting is currently underway.  The hours on end of ‘year in review’, ‘who’s bankrupt now?’, and ‘who’s boinking who?’ VH1 shows are one of my fondest holiday events.  Get in on the action, proactively!!!


Here are some of my favorite categories/nominees so far:





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And the Winners Are…

chris-brown1From the 2008 American Music Awards, read the list after the jump. Also EW comments on the best and worst parts of the show I didn’t even see!

Continue reading

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Black Friday Is Coming – Are You Ready?

If you can afford to still make a bunch of purchases this holiday season, check this list I found from MSNBC online – they also list a whole lot more so follow that link to your left. Don’t forget to read our previous post that might prove helpful too. 

Best ‘Black Friday’ Web sites
Deal sites can help find bargains
  • 2008 “Black Friday” Ads: At this site you’ll find a “Black Friday” shopping list and strategy guide, and you can arrange to receive e-mail updates when new advertisements are published.
  • “Black Friday” 2008: Supply your e-mail address to get deal updates. The site also offers a discussion community in which shoppers can share suggestions and deals with one another.
  • BlackFriday.info: This site will also send you updates via e-mail as new advertisements are announced.
  • Dealnews.com: Web site visitors can enable alerts by keyword, category or vendor, and the alerts come via e-mail or RSS when a new posting matches the criteria. This site also provides daily e-mail newsletters.
  • Fat Wallet: Here you can join an active discussion community. Fat Wallet also partners with retailers so that you can earn cash back when you shop online through this Web site.
  • GottaDeal.com: Sign up for an e-mail newsletter providing updates when any new “Black Friday” ad is spotted.
  • iBlackFriday.com: At this site you can peruse scans of “Black Friday” newspaper ads from 65 stores. Visitors can browse the ads by clicking on the stores’ logos.
  • SlickDeals.net: This site offers instant alerts for new deals sent directly to your mobile phone or e-mail address. It also has a discussion community and a blog.

Online discount retailers can offer bargains that local stores cannot match. Dealnews.com’s de Grandpre suggests buying directly from manufacturers where possible, using coupon codes that are freely available on the Web sites mentioned above. Using this approach with manufacturers such as Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo and Sony will often give you access to options that are less expensive than what you can find in a brick-and-mortar store.

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2008 CMA Winners

Kenny "Butterface" Chest-ney


Did anybody watch the CMAs last night? No, I didn’t either but I also can’t stand country music. But in the event you do love country music and you missed the show, here are the winners after the jump. Continue reading

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SMOKIN HOT – Kanye’s Heartless Video

WOW – What an amazing music video! Like most things of top notch quality, it was made in Hong Kong.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Here’s an excerpt from Mr. West’s site on how they put it together:

This video was rotoscoped.  We recorded real people and then had 65 animators in Hong Kong hand draw over every cell.  Inspired by the movie “American Pop”.

Personally, I think the cinema of the video is very similar to that of Bebe’s Kids – which is fine b/c that was a classic movie in 1992.  Additionally, let me be the first one to say that ol’ rotoscoped girl with the teal lips is fine as hell!

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Common + N.E.R.D ≠ Yo Momma’s Hip Hop (Pt. 1)

Bravo, Bravo, BET!  What a progressive step to feature Common & N.E.R.D. at this year’s Hip Hop Awards.  If you should watch the vid, check out Weezy krunkin’ it to the sounds of succession.

In all seriousness, a shout out and condolensces to Shakir Stewart’s family.

(See Part 2)

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