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There’s A New Sidekick Y’all

Do people still use the T-Mobile Sidekick? I’ve never really played with one but I think they’re kind of cool – anyway, the next version is coming out and here’s a little video all about the new features.

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AT&T Does What Wal-Mart Can’t

The prospect that $99 iPhones would be offered for sale by Wal-Mart Stores Inc. had analysts and prospective buyers buzzing before Christmas, but when they were finally announced for sale last week they cost $197 – only a $2 discount.

But shoppers willing to buy a refurbished 8-gigabyte version of Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL) can now get them while supplies last from AT&T Corp. , the iPhone’s designated service provider.

The offer appeared on AT&T’s (NYSE:T) Web site, which said the black models were “previously owned devices that have been unused or lightly used and returned during the 30-day trial period.”

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iPhone Takes the Lead In Cell Phones

iphone-3g1Apple’s iPhone 3G broke the Motorola RAZR’s 12-quarter run as the country’s best-selling cellphone through consumer channels in the third quarter, when industrywide handset purchases by consumers fell 15 percent from the year-ago period to 32 million, The NPD Group said.

The sales figures, which exclude purchases made by corporations and other enterprises, are based on more than 150,000 online consumer research surveys completed each month.

The top handsets, based in order of unit sales, were the Apple iPhone 3G, all models of the RAZR V3, all models of the RIM Blackberry Curve, LG’s Rumor, and LG’s enV2.

In-demand functions include digital cameras and text messaging, NPD found. When consumers were asked what features motivated them to buy a specific phone, 43 percent of buyers cited the need for a camera, and 36 percent cited messaging.

The survey also found that the percentage of phones equipped with Bluetooth and MP3 playback continued to rise. In the third quarter, 83 percent of phones purchased were Bluetooth-enabled, up from the year-ago 72, and 68 percent of phones purchased were music-enabled, up from the year-ago 49 percent. (source)

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T-Mobile expands its 3G network


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Apple Inc. updated the software that runs its iPhones on Friday in hopes of decreasing dropped calls, improving battery life and cutting the time it takes to synchronize the device with a computer.

Shortly after Apple made the new software available on its iTunes online service, some users offered positive feedback on Internet forums, saying it appeared the device was getting faster at handling key tasks. In contrast, an August update that was supposed to improve the iPhones’ connectivity to high-speed data networks drew mainly negative responses claiming it didn’t work.

Apple also said the new update “improved accuracy of the 3G signal strength display” — meaning the phone would show more “bars” on the connection meter. However, the quality of the connection was not necessarily affected by the update.

Learn more here

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I’ve tried several, and I found the one I love. I had found the brand but not the color – now I found both. 

Behold, the InCase Orange cover! Yes, one could go for gray or black, they are the easiest choices. But for me, I like to be able to reach into a bag or look around the house and quickly identify my phone. You know, from the other 10 iPhones sitting around. Shut up! 
OK, a little dramatic but it’s thick and form-fitting but is molded just enough that you can do everything with ease. Features include:
  • Complete iPhone 3G protection
  • Form-fitting, injection molded material provides added grip
  • Signature gloss inlay topographic pattern on matte exterior
  • Easy access to all controls including dock connector
  • Direct access to widescreen and device features
  • Custom cutouts for easy access to camera lens, speaker and microphone openings
  • Allows charging while in case
I bought mine at the Apple store (with the typical frenetic craziness in the store) but of course, you can also buy it online

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BusinessWeek is reporting that Apple will fix problems being reported with the iPhone 3G handset with a software update, rather than a more expensive approach such as a recall. Floods of complaints about problems using 3G networks, dropped calls and other issues spread across the Internet, cuing the blogosphere to debate and speculate on what might be causing the problems.

According to the BusinessWeek report, which cites two “reliable sources”, the root of the problem is a communications chip made by Munich-based Infineon Technologies (IFX), already predicted in an analysis by Richard Windsor of Nomura Securities. The software on the chip apparently leads to problems when the iPhone needs to switch from high-speed networks to lower speed networks.

While there has been considerable Internet buzz around the problem, the sources say that only 2% to 3% of iPhone traffic is being affected. “This is a problem, but it’s not a catastrophe,” one of the sources said. Infineon spokesman Guenther Gaugler did not comment on the chip’s performance in the iPhone but pointed out that comparable problems have not arisen because of the chips presence in other phones made for manufacturers such as Samsung.

AT&T, Apple’s exclusive partner in the U.S., has not commented on the problems, but insists that, “Overall, the new iPhone is performing just great on our 3G network.”


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Is Samsung’s Instinct, a phone carried by Sprint, the “iPhone killer” it has been billed to be by both companies?

No. Both touchscreen-only phones are excellent devices. Both phones run on faster wireless networks, called 3G, for third-generation wireless. That means data, such as e-mail and Web surfing, moves more quickly than on many current phones which are 2 or 2.5G. Both phones have their plusses and minuses.

In the end, neither may be right for you. But between the two, the new iPhone, released Friday, is superb largely because it’s relatively simple to use and because of the vivid visual experience and multi-touch screen it offers. That makes it a pleasure to maneuver around the screen, especially for Web-browsing and e-mail. The iPhone really is like carrying a computer in your pocket or pocketbook.

The review goes on, read it here

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T-Mobile USA could put the new HTC Android phone on sale for select customers as early as the middle of September, according to the blog TmoNews.

The news comes as other rumors circulate that Android phones could be delayed into 2009. But TmoNews says it has a reliable source that says the Android device made by smartphone manufacturer HTC will go on sale through T-Mobile USA on September 17.

The price tag will be $399 full retail or about $150 for a subsized phone with a two-year contract. The site also said that only existing T-Mobile customers will be able to buy the phone during the presale timeframe with other customers able to buy the phone a few weeks later in early October.

The new phone, which is being called the HTC Dream in blogs, will support 3G services. A recent video that is posted on YouTube shows that the phone has a touch screen, a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, and a 3-megapixel camera. Google software and services like Gmail will be tightly integrated into the device. And TmoNews reports that a Gmail account will be required to set up service for the new device.

T-Mobile will also likely require a more expensive 3G data plan to be used with the device, the blog reported. But details on the cost of the plan haven’t been released.

T-Mobile declined to comment on the rumors of the device release, but the carrier has previously said it will offer an Android phone by the end of the year.

Click here to read more. 

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Giving It Away

The first option is to give your first-generation iPhone away to a friend or family member, and from what I hear, this is one of the more popular solutions. If you have a willing spouse, this is a perfect idea, though you’ll need to be prepared to pay for the iPhone data fees — in the U.S. that’s $30 for your iPhone 3G and another $20 for your old iPhone, on top of your regular service plan.


If a spouse is out, giving your first iPhone away to a teenager — which would make you the best parent in the world for three or four days — also means you’d be handing over a device that originally cost several hundred dollars and comes with an extra monthly service charge. I currently don’t know any teenagers who’d truly appreciate such an amazing gift.

Then, of course, there are friends. I’ve got a buddy who’d like an iPhone, but I’d need at least $200 to part with it, and in that case, he’d be better off just getting a new iPhone 3G for $199. Are we good enough friends that I’d simply give him the phone as a gift?

Let’s just say I never offered.

Selling Your iPhone

After the launch of the iPhone 3G, the market for iPhones has decreased slightly, though not as much as One might expect. Some 8 GB models are still selling on eBay (Nasdaq: EBAY) for well over $300, with quite a few hitting $450. Some new, still-in-the-box first-gen iPhones are going for even more.

The higher selling prices come with a caveat — they are usually reserved for iPhones that have already been unlocked and ready to use on any GSM-based network .

If eBay isn’t your style, there’s always the local classifieds or Craigslist, which lets you forego the auction style and set your own price. There are quite a few posts from buyers looking for lightly used iPhones, and they’re willing to pay around $200. It’s hard to know if these are mostly brokers or regular Joes just wanting an iPhone to use with T-Mobile .

There are also a couple of more formal businesses that are buying up used iPhones: NextWorth and Rapid Repair.

NextWorth is offering $202 for any “lightly used” 8 GB iPhone with all the standard accessories intact, while Rapid Repair offers $150. The newer 16 GB models are going for $252 and $200, respectively.

So What Does That Get You?

In addition to the money, what does selling your iPhone leave you? Well, $200 is quite handy, but in effect you’re trading cash for a cool iPod touch-like device. And, assuming that you snag the free Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) remote control application from the App Store, what about losing an iTunes and Apple TV remote control?

To replace an 8 GB iPhone with an 8 GB iPod touch could easily be a losing situation — Apple is selling its entry model 8GB iPod touch at $299, with a 32 GB model going for $499. An 8GB iPod nano costs $199, and it doesn’t even have a decent screen on it, much less a touch screen.

So Jailbreak It

You can also jailbreak or unlock your phone so you can use it with another GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) cellular service provider like T-Mobile. For me, though, that’s out of the question for one major reason: I won’t give up visual voicemail, which I’m totally addicted to, and in the U.S. you need AT&T (NYSE: T) for it.

Still, jailbreaking an iPhone will potentially open it up to a variety of applications that aren’t supported by Apple or available in the iTunes App Store, so there’s a chance that you could end up with a wicked-cool iPhone. Or you could muck around with it too much and brick it — or just waste a lot of your life tweaking and messing with it. I barely have enough time to make new music playlists on iTunes, so I’m not likely going to find the time to really make jailbreaking the phone a viable option. However, I’m guessing I’ll do it anyway once winter sets in and I find myself having a hard time getting to sleep one night.

Turn It Into an iPod Touch

If there’s one thing I don’t like about having music on my iPhone, it’s that playing the music through my home speaker systems makes receiving phone calls — or placing them — a pain in the butt. Sure, the iPhone 3G is great about fading music out so you know a call is coming in, but I don’t want to mess around with Bluetooth headsets and constantly plugging and unplugging my iPhone from the dock or various speaker systems.

So a dedicated iPod touch for media and music playing has some big-time appeal. Currently, it’s not that hard to set up your iPhone as a iPod touch-like device. Your computer will still recognize it as an iPhone, and iTunes still works with it. For instance, I easily installed the 2.0.1 software update to my old iPhone. If you put the iPhone in airplane mode, turn on the WiFi, and sync with iTunes, you’re good to go.

The Backup Plan

I’d sell my iPhone and replace it in a heartbeat with an iPod touch, if not for one little detail — there’s a good chance I’ll drop my iPhone into some mountain lake or bounce it off my driveway one too many times while juggling groceries and car keys. If that happens any time soon, AT&T is not going to let me waltz in and get a new one for $199 — I’ll be barely into my contract and I’ll have to pay an even higher price.

Or go without an iPhone altogether.


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