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Vintage Adam Lambert: “Is Anyone Listening” and “Crazy”

Check out this performance from the Ten Commandments Musical:

Wait, check out this other video of him performing “Crazy” at a benefit, after the jump. Continue reading

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This Is…American Idol? Adam Lambert Could Be!

adam-lambertIs this the next American Idol? Adam Lambert seems to have the unique ability to come to the table with a signature style, but with enough flexibility to turn a song on its ear and make it his own. All while making the songs collectively sound like they’re him, does that make sense? 

All the tabloid-stuff aside, could he be the next one to bank on? I tend to not put a ton of weight behind American Idol because let’s be honest, it’s what they do with the title and the opportunity that really sets them apart. Will they assert artistic control or will they be forced into the cookie cutter factory known as the AI machine? That’s what determines their success. And furthermore, can they do the first album that they’re told to make but still transition into more unique fare while bridging the gap between the faithful audience and the record-buying public without alienating the people that got them there? So many questions but therein lies the challenge of appearing on American Idol. That’s why I chose to not go on there, because I needed to have my art expressed without censorship – clearly, they wouldn’t get it. Ha!


Watch his performance of “Mad World” from last night’s show. Can you dig it?

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