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Flying Soon…? Kinky!


Airline crew subdues passenger with duct tape!

CNN Story Highlights

  • Crew whips out duct tape after passenger fights with attendants & blind person
  • Why the duct tape? United crew says ankle cuffs kept slipping off the suspect  
  • (Scarcely Related, Unfortunately)
    Mile High Club How-To Tips:

    1. Take the red-eye
    2. Take advantage of airplane booze
    3. Don’t be shy
    4. Dole out the cash for a fancy flight – Mile High Atlanta is a charter-plane company that lets couples join the club for $379
    5. Sanitize, Sanitize, Sanitize

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    Delta shareholders approve Northwest merger


    Sent from a top-secret location.

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    According to CNET, some flight attendants (some people call them Air Mattresses but that’s not nice now is it?) are calling for strict filters on wireless service.

    Coffee, tea or porn? “I don’t think so,” say American Airline flight attendants. Leaders of the Association of Professional Flight Attendants, which represents some 19,000 workers including American Airlines flight attendants, asked American Airline’s management this week to consider adding filters to its in-flight Wi-Fi access to prevent passengers from viewing porn and other inappropriate Web sites while in-flight.

    A union representative told Bloomberg News that attendants and passengers have raised “a lot of complaints” over the issue.
    American Airlines is one of several airlines testing in-flight Internet access as a way to lure more passengers. American has been offering the service on a limited basis since August 20th on some flights between New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, and between New York and Miami. The cost of the service on cross-country flights is $12.95, and it’s $9.95 on the New York to Miami route.

    The third comment down is hysterical:

    by expatincebu September 12, 2008 4:00 PM PDT
    While I do not consider nudity and sex (two natural and normal things) to be offensive in any way, I do consider all religious material to be inappropriate and offensive. Will American Airlines be blocking this as well?

    Personally, I think the real problem is that the aging hags that pass as flight attendants don’t like being reminded of their rapidly failing looks.

    Me watching suggestive material is not going to make me wanna get down with someone (or myself) on a plane any more than watching a violent movie will make me want to shoot someone. Having said that, neither scenario is really my thing.

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