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Real Or Fake…?

Join an ongoing discussion, at the hizzouse, by sharing your thoughts on how you know if you or someone else is real or fake?  The question arose after watching the premiere of True Beauty this week when one of the contestant’s (the mean one from Nashville) began a rant about all the other people in the house being ‘completely fake’.

What is fake?  What is real?  Over the years I’ve always heard the ‘I just want to be around people who are real’ statements from some of the most fake people I know.  Does that make me fake for not telling them my thoughts on their situation at that moment? 

What about this week’s episode of Bromance when Gary (the dance instructor) told Brody that Femi was one of the guys to watch out for in terms of causing too much commotion in the house?  When Gary went to Femi to tell him what happened, Femi acted a fool towards Gary declaring him to be ‘fake’.  Personally, I think it was a rather respectable thing for Gary to do in regards to bringing Femi up to speed on his discussion with Brody.

And what about the video below?  What does Aubrey really mean when she overstates the word ‘real’ about 30 times? (Side note, does plastic surgery already default you into the fake category?)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

 I’d love to know what you think!

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Aubrey O’Day Gets Down!

I hope this isn’t just a publicity stunt so that we don’t forget about Aubrey or a pitch for Aubrey Absinthe – The Reality Show.  I’m going to have to step up my game if we’re all going to have a chance now; watch out bitches!

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2008 Smut Awards – Highlight Of The Year!

There’s no time to waste as the 2008 Scandalist Awards voting is currently underway.  The hours on end of ‘year in review’, ‘who’s bankrupt now?’, and ‘who’s boinking who?’ VH1 shows are one of my fondest holiday events.  Get in on the action, proactively!!!


Here are some of my favorite categories/nominees so far:





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