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Boeing and Starbucks To Make Major Cuts

Holy hell, this is some crazy stuff man. Boeing is reportedly going to cut 10,000 employees and that’s about 6% of their workforce. Starbucks will likely cutting up to 6,700 jobs, closing 300 underperforming stores, selling one of its jets and scaling back new store openings. Starbucks will reduce Seattle headquarters employees by about 10 percent, or between 300 and 350 employees, effective in mid-February. Globally, including Seattle, Starbucks will lay off 700 corporate employees.

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Microsoft Makes Some Cuts

Not a huge surprise here, but Microsoft is cutting up to 5,000 jobs in the next year and a half, or 5.5% of its global workforce, citing further deterioration of global economic conditions.

The company also posted lower fiscal second-quarter earnings that missed analysts’ forecasts.

Microsoft will slash 1,400 positions immediately, with the rest of the cuts coming by June 2010. The company said it will save about $1.5 billion in operating expenses and $700 million in 2009 capital expenditure.

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Microsoft Layoffs: Spin Control or Fiction?

I’ve heard rumors of Microsoft laying off up to 10% of their total workforce, and I guess those rumors came from a few different blog sites. Having said that,those blog sites have seemingly withdrawn such statements and now it’s unclear if a layoff is actually happening. But when they say they might lay off contingent employees (aka,contractors or to many people, temps), that really doesn’t seem accurate because you don’t “lay off” non-employees. Semantics? Maybe. 

Anyway, read the interesting article here. In just a matter of weeks we’ll know for sure.

I often ask myself: What is Microsoft good at again? 

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FU Credit Card Companies

In the fine print of your credit card terms, it seems they are able to raise your rates whenever they want, for whatever reason. In some cases, people who have very good credit even got their rates increased almost 7% with just a little note in the mail. Perhaps we should take this as another call to stop using our credit cards and only keep those that are providing competitive rates. Personally, I find it very difficult to digest the fact that I’m paying my bills on time, keeping the balances low, paying the associated fees and interest, yet they’re getting financial bailouts. Sell those yachts and beach homes if you can’t pay your bills Citigroup! And people (myself included), heed this call to live as best you can without using them, easier said than done I know.

Here is my biggest concern about the bailouts and I know I’m not alone in my sentiments: Why are we giving money to the very companies that couldn’t manage it in the first place? 


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Another Victim Falls to the Economy


Office Depot on Wednesday said it will close 112 underperforming retail stores in North America during the next three months.

The announcement said the closures would occur in various geographic regions, including 45 in the central U.S., 40 in the Northeast and Canada, 19 in the West and eight in the South. Fourteen more stores would be closed through 2009 as leases expire or other lease arrangements are finalized.

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Nordstrom Slashes Prices

Time to stock up, if you can. Check out this excerpt about Nordstrom’s struggles in the hard-hit retail market space. 

Nordstrom Inc. is reducing prices and scaling back store openings to adjust to one of the worst retail environments in decades.

The Seattle-based upscale fashion retailer has lowered the price on more than 800 styles by an average of 22 percent, President Blake Nordstrom said Thursday.

“We are in unprecedented times, and customers are lacking confidence today,” Nordstrom said. “We saw this clearly in mid-September when the financial markets became extremely stressed. We are still focused on the same Nordstrom loyal core customer, but many have different needs than they did last year. They are shopping less and making more deliberate purchases.”

Nordstrom stores will focus on stocking items that are hot sellers, he said.

“We believe that trust and confidence in pricing is critical to building long-term relationships with customers,” Nordstrom said. “One example of this commitment is our policy of never being undersold. We proactively monitor the market to make sure we have the best pricing on like items and will also honor the price of a competitor if a customer brings it to our attention.”

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