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No Coachella For Winehouse – Bees Get Hit By Housing Woes

amy-winehouse-beforeSadness for fans, if you wanted to hear her perform or better yet, see the non-prescription drug shimmy.

British singer Amy Winehouse will not get a work visa to travel to the United States in time to perform at a leading music festival because she was charged with assault last week, her spokesman said on Monday.

Winehouse, 25, had been expected to perform at the annual Coachella festival in California, where she was due to join acts including Paul McCartney and The Killers. According to the festival website, she was down to sing on April 18.

Perhaps for future performances she could learn the art of shimmying, as provided by this site here. I personally would like to see the “snake arms”:

Snake Arms:
This slithering arm movement represents the power, mysticism, and symbolism of belly dancing. It is a reverse sequential movement similar to “the wave” in break-dancing that strengthens and tones the arms and shoulder muscles.

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Amy Winehouse Is Un-Bee-Hiveable!

As she delivered cheese toast to the pappayahtzee, Amy was captured missing her trademark updo! 


Here’s an Amy quote regarding her hair from a prior interview, “The more insecure I feel, the bigger my hair has to be.”

So, I guess that means she was having a good day….?

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