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Balthazar Getty – You’re Fired!

72206300KW009_esquireOnce again, Christmas has been ruined; Getty’s out, allegedly!  Here’s an excerpt from CDAN (the site that broke TR Knight’s contract withdraw from Grey’s):

But, I am not too drunk to know what I heard when I was sober and that is that Balthazar Getty has been fired from Brothers And Sisters. I don’t know the reason. I don’t know if it is because of Sienna or because he was sleeping with someone else on the show or if he just wandered the set looking for twinkies all day and not working. All I do know is his publicist says Balthazar has not been fired, and I of course say his happy ass was canned just in time for the holidays. Balthazar was let go. Dismissed. Given a pink slip. Shown the door. Do you know how hard it is to get fired from a job like this. He must have done something completely f**ked up like snorting mercury or something with Piven in the back room while they looked at porn videos of the daughter of the producers.


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Attention Dave Annable Fans (Justin Walker)

Earlier I posted something about Brothers and Sisters and a few friends felt some passion for him. Felt. Passion. Uh huh! In the interest of hotness, I decided to post something for you Dave Annable fans out there. 


Click here for some more Monday hotness.

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When ‘Brothers and Sisters’ Get TOO Close

I try not to watch ABC’s Brothers and Sisters because frankly, I think they’re all a bunch of nutbags. I mean, from the mother on down, they’re all so full of self-created drama, I can hardly stand it. When I first caught a glimpse of the show (I was catching it out of the corner of my eye in bed), I thought, “Well, that’s kind of a sweet show, a little melodramatic but poignant.” But then it started going into silly territory, this one’s dating that one, this one’s firing that one, are those people ever happy? I mean, I realize they have to focus on a finite number of people but are they the last humans on the planet and therefore, must only interact with one another? 

The biggest offense for me, and I wonder if I’m alone here, is how Rebecca Harper (Emily VanCamp) and Justin Walker (Dave Annable) have turned their once “Like, OMG, you’re my sister from my Dad’s cheating days” to “Like, OMG, I’m so glad you’re not my sister so I can slam you like a screen door in a hurricane”. I mean, the whole story arch was to build acceptance into their family while dealing with the fact that the father had an affair. But wait, after we accept you and welcome you into our village called Crazy Town, we’ll find out that it was all for no reason because you were another guy’s kid. I’ll leave the whole ho judgement of the Mom (Holly) out for now. 

(The sick non-siblings)

Anyway, does anyone else think it’s weird that they’re humping? Humping a relative, blood or not, is nasty bad, not nasty good.

Note: I’ve just now be instructed to “NOT WATCH IT THEN!”  hahahaha

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