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Bush: And The Hits Keep Comin’

bush-devilYou might know that our current President is scrambling to get a whole lot of things passed that might not be the best for the American people, and here’s one that’s just come up with many more to follow. It’s kind of like when someone gets fired and deletes their hard drive, steals a bunch of office equipment, and spills a bunch of cold water in the copier machines – I mean, I’ve heard that kind of stuff happens. 

The Bush administration announced its “conscience protection” rule for the healthcare industry Thursday, giving doctors, hospitals, and even receptionists and volunteers in medical experiments the right to refuse to participate in medical care they find morally objectionable.”This rule protects the right of medical providers to care for their patients in accord with their conscience,” said outgoing Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt.

The right-to-refuse rule includes abortion and other aspects of healthcare where moral concerns could arise, Leavitt’s office said, such as birth control, emergency contraception, in vitro fertilization, stem cell research and assisted suicide.The rule, to be published today in the Federal Register, takes effect the day before President Bush leaves office.

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