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What’s Really In A Twinkie?

Depends who you ask…
Here’s a Junk Food Quiz!

My Score: 7/10

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Strategize Early For Next Halloween

So this year’s Halloween was a bust – only 2-3 sets of kids! Granted, I found out that our doorbell wasn’t working, the lights were off, and we had a sign up that said, “Step off bitches, this candy is ours!” I jest, I jest. 

This morning, I was sent this very interesting list of symbols that rogue groups of children use for creating a hierarchy among the houses. I think of the analogy of birds warning each other by making certain sounds or when your friend goes to check someone out across the bar and lets you know that they have hammer-time up in their grill. You know the strategies I’m talkin’ about. 

Anyway, here’s one of the ingenious symbols used to indicate if a house is a “skip them” house or if they’re worth stopping at. Make educated decisions, that’s what I always say. 


Check out the rest of them by clicking here

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Help Us Grow!

On behalf of all of us here at aviewofthec.com we’d like to thank you in advance for tagging the Halloween candy you are passing out this year with a shameless plug for our site. 

The following are slogans that have been approved by our Marketing Department:

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