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Yang Yang Is Ornery Because Of His Medulla Oblongata

angry_panda_emotions_by_yayumi_chanA 20 year old student wanted to hug Yang Yang, an adult panda, so he jumped the fence and surprisingly got bit in the arm and leg. 

In case you don’t know, pandas ain’t cuddly; I hold Jack Black responsible.


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Maybe The Dingo Can Eat Your Baby!

16 Toes Does Not A Nursery Rhyme Make!



This little piggy went to market, this one went to the store, this one went to town, this one went to school, this one went somewhere, this one wanted to go to college but couldn’t, this one wanted to watch tv, this one got on my last nerve, this one looks like his daddy, this one is a bastard, this one talked to the wolf, this one is hungry, this one is crazy – for real, this one ain’t no good, this one looks like the other one, and this one is out of breath, all the way home!

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Apple iTunes Store Is Blocked in China, Internet Users Say


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BEIJING – The swimming record book will need some heavy revisions by the time the Beijing Olympics are over.

In perhaps the biggest story of the day, Michael Phelps dodged a bullet to collect his second gold medal and stay on course for a possible eight on an incredible record-breaking day at the Water Cube on Monday.

Phelps joined his American team mates Garret Weber-Gale, Cullen Jones and Jason Lezak to smash the 4×100 meters freestyle relay after a breathtaking struggle with France that threatened to sink his chances of breaking Mark Spitz’ record of seven golds at a single Olympics.

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