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Rock the Vote – Kid’s Choice Awards

Now I don’t support the Kid’s Choice Awards b/c I think they are a little too raunchy for my Dora the Explora’ niece to be all into, but I do think we should all take the time to vote for Chris Brown as our Favorite Male Singer!  20090306-chris_brown_top1

WTF? Hasn’t he gotten got yet? 
-Don’t get loud with me, Jay-Z said it!

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Rihanna Has Options: “Kiss Kiss” Or “Falsetto”

Chris, it would be prudent to shut down anymore Doublemint Commercials about as quickly as I did “This Christmas” and you may want to watch your six b/c The Dream is convinced that Shawty Is The Sh*!

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Rihanna Faints Down Under

Rihanna was performing in Australia and during the song “Umbrella” where Chris Brown was joining her, she started to make the “somethin’s not right up in this bitch” signal and fainted after leaving the stage. 

We wish Rihanna a speedy recovery because not only is she a stunner, but she’s also pop music’s brave new face – we love her.

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