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You Know You Want This

OK, I don’t own them – yet. But any guy who likes the idea of a throwback to childhood and the simplicity that childhood may have brought, perhaps you can throw these on, watch some Superfriends, and eat some Trix. That’s a dream day!


Waffle Knit Adult Footed Pajamas with Kangaroo Pockets.

These are made from 100% Cotton; so they’re the perfect thing for lounging around the house without having to worry that they’ll be too warm.

Zipper front Footies allow you to easily get in and out of them.

Footy PJs are made for men and women and are machine washable!


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69 Boyz – 12 Ghetto Days Of Christmas

You know you want to add it to your myspace song profile –> holleratchaboi!

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Did Anyone Have a “Virtual” Thanksgiving?

As many of you might have seen during the CNN live elections, they were able to broadcast hologram images into the CNN studio, or as I prefer to say, “beam” them in. Well, just think about where this technology could lead us! No longer will we have to sit in traffic to go to the folks’ house, to endure childhood resentments, and to make fake nice with your sister’s new “beau” that will likely not be around by the time the dishes are washed. You know the situation. 

So, have a look at this video and just imagine the possibilities. You could say something to the effect of, “I know you like Billy more than me and by the way, I did steal that beer in high school and yes, I did have dirty, filthy sex in your bed when you were at that work conference!” And then “CLICK”, you beam out.


And it’s good for the environment as there’s no travel involved. Genius!

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Best Gift Ever!!!

bodum_travel_press1You can thank me later but I’ve found what is likely to be the best gift you can possibly find this holiday season.  The Bodum Travel French Press is functional, environmental, affordable, and thoughtful!!! 

If you’ve never tried a french press for your morning brew then I recommend that you pick up one for yourself.  I’ve even tried stank-ol-Foldgers in a french press before and I would have sworn I was drinking the smoothest thing ever.  

I did the leg work for you and the cheapest place to find this item is at Amazon.com (Approx $14 including tax & shipping).  Just be sure you pay attention to the shipping estimate because they appear to be in demand and some of the delivery estimates are weeks rather than days.

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Fall Into The Gap – 2008 Holiday Ads

The annual Gap print ads are ready, and they’re good!  I’m sure once their commercials start and I can’t get away from that ‘Best Time of the Year’ propaganda then I’ll once again flip flop and change my opinion some. 

Additionally, their website is primed and ready to go! Lot’s of artists and actors goofing around:  Romany Malco, Jason Biggs, Janelle Monae (my boo!), Flo-Rida, Sandra Bernhard, Selma Blair, and many others…

Anyhow, here’s a look at what to expect this year (arranged in order of my personal preference)!



There’s More….

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Give Gifts, Stay Green

This holiday season we’re making green gift giving easier—and helping you save money too. Co-Op America’s Green Gift Guide features special offers from businesses listed in the National Green Pages™. So this year, show you care with gifts from businesses that support people and the planet. And spread the love by forwarding this email to a friend.

Keep reading for a huge directory of green gift-giving options!

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Reese, I’m just not sure on this one! Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn, are they the new odd couple?

Watch here.

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