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Maybe, The Circus Ringleader…?

The Pussycat Dolls were lookin’ goode in New Orleans:

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All The Boys & All The Girls Are Begging To – Learn The Moves

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Just another attempt for me to try to convince the world that indeed I have a wide selection of dance steps in my repertoire when really I’m only two ‘shashay away’ moves from the standard white boi dance….

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Busy Busy Brit

Practice, Practice, Practice, Cameo, Tour
That’s the agenda for Brit’s first quarter of 2009

Here are some practice pics from the tour and it’s rumored that she’s going to be in the sequel to Sex And The City.  According to SJP, “My idea is to have someone like Britney Spears move to New York as my cousin or niece and Carrie would show her the ropes.”



If her role is anywhere nearly as awesome as her blurb of a moment on How I Met Your Mother then I’m super excited.  She pulled off bizarro stalker girl like no one’s business!

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Going To The Scrip Club With Pac Man Jones

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Pac Man Jones is in a head-to-head contest with ‘It’s Britney Bitch’ for the 2008 Best Answer to an Interview Question!

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Britney & Benji – Are They Boinkin’?

Don’t the holidays have an amazing way of
allegedly bringing people together? 

Exhibit 1:
A US magazine has reported that Paris Hilton’s former boyfriend (the split just a month ago) Benji Madden who is part of the rock band Good Charlotte is now reportedly dating Britney Spears.

Exhibit 2:
The claims made by In Touch are completely false,” she tells E! News. “There is not an ounce of truth to any of it.”  The claims involve Brit Brit’s dad, Jamie Spears, and manager Larry Rudolph creating a whole Circus of potential suitors, Madden, Chace Crawford, Jesse Metcalf and Michael Phelps, among them.

Friend-2-Friend, Brit: 
Hate the game, not the playa!

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Don’t Eat The Grits, Y’all

Velveeta grits are loaded with calories!  I’m wondering if Jamie Spears may have shared his Southern Belle’s recipe with K-Fed while they were all shackin’ up together…?  Maybe it’s from the heartbreak, divorce, alimonies, antidepressants, munchies, or loneliness but the boi has picked up a few this year. 



Is it karma?  What do you think?


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Watch Britney Join the ‘Circus’

Catch her new video for the second single here. It was leaked and then yanked but still remains on this site. 

Pretty hot vid, so props to her being able to make a slammin’ video.

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Britney Spears: The Circus | CD reviews

britney2Coming your way December 2nd – Britney’s Back!  Here are a few reviews of the anticipated album:

A favorable review
A more critical review

Here’s the Teaser Video:

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Don’t Forget… Britney’s For The Record – Nov 30, 2008

brittJust a reminder that Britney’s documentary is scheduled to air this Sunday (11/30) on MTV.  The hustle and bustle of the holiday has got me all mixed up in the game, and I’ve already missed a few thangs this week.  Hope your luck is better and/or you find some time to tip some sizzerb towards baby boo as she tries to win over America prior to her album’s release. 

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Listen to Britney’s New Album!

The famed photog Peggy Sirota shot Britney Spears for the next Rolling Stone and the pic below is just a little morsel. Pretty hot right? There’s also a sneak peak at the interview/article featured inside. Have a look-see

brit-rsShe’s got more legs than a bucket of Chicken, good for her! I do wish she’d chop that weave off, I mean, her real hair has to have grown quite a bit by now I would think. Oh well, little victories…and this victory is that she’s seemingly doing it right. Assuming of course you care about the old Britney that is being re-visited by the new Britney.

Damn I get tired trying to sort this shit out.

*Update: Since I just noticed, I thought I’d share that RS posted a review of the album here and you can get a full listen to the album by clicking here. The little artwork player thing is about half-way down the page.

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Britney Shows Us Her ‘Circus’

30-seconds of Britney’s new video, the title track from her upcoming release, Circus. Can you dig it?

Do you want more? Soon.

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Why Britney Married – For The Record

Did you ever wonder why Britney married K-Fed?  Here’s a clip from the Britney: For the Record documentary that airs on MTV on November 30.

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Want To Hear Britney’s New CD?

Click here to listen to it now, it’s kind of a megamix of 6 tracks.

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Britney Is Still At The ‘Circus’

brit-promo-circusHere’s a pic (source) of Britney from her new “Circus” album, I assume this will either be in the CD or digital sleeve or possibly in some circus-wear catalog for uniforms.

“I’ll have a pack of Marlboro Lights and some Tic-Tacs please – keep the change sugar-tits.”

At least the crazy is in her wardrobe and no longer in her eyes. Keep it up Brit.

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Britney Goes To The ‘Circus’, Protect The Weave Girl!

britney-circus1So, I tried to make a play on words and yes, it was kind of lame…but, the new CD is called Circus and The Sun seems to have heard a few tracks. It sounds like little miss Cheetos gets a little dusty and dirty on some tracks.

Apparently, there’s a song called “If You Seek Amy” that seems innocuous enough, but it has an entirely different meaning.

It goes: “All the boys and all the girls want to if you seek Amy”. That clearly doesn’t make much sense.

What you hear, though, is the quite shocking statement: “All the boys and all the girls want to fuck me.”

It’s a great track. A stomping robo pop number with clattering kettle drums and Brit being quite frank about the opinion she holds of herself.

“Kill The Lights” (which we already posted here) focuses on the star’s relationship with the paparazzi, the lights referring to flash bulbs. It’s a brilliant disco banger with an elastic bass line and plenty of spooky keyboard work.

During “Kill The Lights” Brit addresses her camera-toting tormentors with the brilliant line: “Is that money in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?”

Should be interesting if she can handle the pressure of promoting the album and the impending world tour. Oh yeah, keep reading if you want the full track listing for the album. Continue reading

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