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Monkey, Grab The Pradas

Can you imagine if you had a monkey that you could train to do such things as fetch a ball, bang a drum, perhaps even steal some of your neighbor’s things? Check out this video where a man has trained his monkey (the animal) to go into his neighbor’s yard and take things.

I wonder if I could get a monkey to steal a boat, might that task be too big? Goals, goals my friends.


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More Than Just a Candy Bar

You might think you’re eating a candy bar and yes, you are. But you might also be eating a little somethin’ extra. 

Have a look here

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Holy Christmas Lights Batman!

I can’t quite seem to get the video to load, but check this video out. They put over 210,000 Christmas lights on their house, all computer animated and synched to music. It took them 3 months to hang the lights and over 6 months to do the computer programming. This is their 3rd year in doing it. Wild. It’s not exactly eco-friendly but pretty amazing nonetheless!

I might have just had a seizure after watching it for the second time. Well, that and I had the strong inclination to river-dance. 

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