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Anderson Cooper Has A Great Sense Of Humor

At least when I’ve seen him on talk shows, he’s pretty outspoken and I love it. Well, here the words “Tea Bagging” get tossed around and you have to know where this one could go. I love the dude on the left, he’s laughing right away, cause you know he loves to do it! Don’t we all?

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I Love Dolly Parton

Is there anyone sweeter in music today? I’ve just always loved her but with each interview, it grows even more.

Watch her Larry King interview here

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Ann Coulter Tangles With Joy Behar

ann-coulterJoy Behar fills in for Larry King often, but this was a great night for her to do so again. Joy gets to have a real conversation with Ann, which is a nice change from The View. Whether you like or loathe Ann Coulter, it’s an interesting and spirited conversation.

One thing I will say positive about Ann is that she’s very skilled at hanging onto semantics and catching people in little technicalities, something not exactly conducive to actual dialogue. Watch here.

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Colin Powell ‘Called In Gay’ On Wednesday

Maybe he didn’t go that far, but I am pleased to see Mr. Powell continue to progress.  Is he still considered a Republican?  He surprised many earlier this year when he officially supported Obama for President and now he is sharing his opinion that ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ should be reevaluated. 

Additionally, he discusses the polarizing effects of Sarah Palin-like politics on the Republican Party and the considerations that will have to be addressed if the party is going to redefine itself. 

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“My Neck, My Back, My Neck and My Back!”

Maybe it wasn’t as dramatic as my favorite scene from Friday, but once again those dang Austrians know how to one-up a performance.  With all their Outback commercials and wallabies, you’d think they’d have enough going on right now, but who knows what is really going on? 

Daniel Hovels, member of the Thalia Theater company, used a real knife during a suicide scene in Schiller’s ‘Maria Stuart’ in Austria this week. 

AP VIENNA – An actor’s suicide scene became a little too real for comfort when he accidentally stabbed himself in the neck during a performance at an Austrian theater.  Thalia said Thursday that the original prop knife was damaged and that instructions to blunt the replacement had been “carelessly” disregarded.

Honest Mistake, Disability Scheme, Or Dedicated Actor?
Ezal that is – Daniel’s a goof!

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Common’s UMC May Induce Kitchen Dancing!!!

Main Entry:  1van·i·ty
Pronunciation: \ˈva-nə-tē\
Function:   noun

1. Kitchen dancing to your own album
2. A small case or handbag for toilet articles used by women

Actually, I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who still has a Soul Train line that includes the stove!!!

In other Common related news….  Today, CNN released a few thoughts from MR. UMC in regards to the future of hip hop and the impact of Barack Obama:

“I think hip-hop artists will have no choice but to talk about different things and more positive things, and try to bring a brighter side to that because, even before Barack, I think people had been tired of hearing the same thing,”.

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Head of Homeland Security – “That’s Women’s Work”

womens-work1“Janet’s perfect for that job. Because for that job, you have to have no life. Janet has no family. Perfect. She can devote, literally, 19-20 hours a day to it’

Hey Genius (Gov. Ed Rendell), if you’re going to pretend that your life is all that and a bag of chips then don’t mumble that mess into an open mic. 

Furthermore, if that’s the only prerequisite then you can easily find my profile on linkedin.com – ttyn thx!

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All Is Forgiven, W!

Well since you said ‘Sorry’, I guess I forgive you.  But you’ve got to promise that you’ll never mention that ‘do-over’ craziness eva, eva, eva again!


Other interesting quotes from a recent interview with ABC:

  • “I’m sure some people voted for Barack Obama because of me…”
  • “I can’t guarantee that we’ll get all our money back, but it’s conceivable we could.”
  • “I think when the history of this period is written, people will realize a lot of the decisions that were made on Wall Street took place over a decade or so.”

So essentially, the economic condition is not his fault, we can hope in one hand and poop in the other, and he helped elect Barack.  Alright – NEXT!

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No More Downward Dog For Devout Muslims

42-17779064According to Malaysia’s top Islamic council, Yoga can corrupt devout Muslims.  “It is inappropriate. It can destroy the faith of a Muslim,” Council chairman Abdul Shukor Husin told reporters.

Equally odd, they also placed a ban on tomboys about a month ago. 

Really? –  Really!

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Yang Yang Is Ornery Because Of His Medulla Oblongata

angry_panda_emotions_by_yayumi_chanA 20 year old student wanted to hug Yang Yang, an adult panda, so he jumped the fence and surprisingly got bit in the arm and leg. 

In case you don’t know, pandas ain’t cuddly; I hold Jack Black responsible.

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Ecstasy Used To Treat PTSD

A recent study is crediting MDMA with the ability for people suffering from PTSD to overcome their internal strongholds.  I really like how the pod below doesn’t focus solely upon PTSD that is connected with service in the military because this is a condition that affects others too. 

Vodpod videos no longer available.

** I would be so pissed if they gave me a placebo for participating in this study that I’d likely cause PTSD to someone else!! LOL! **

Dare I think that one day both weed and ecstasy would actually be medically prescribed in the United States….  I don’t know, maybe that will be something I can tell my kids to look for after I’m gone.

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Judge Judy Has Spoken


Larry King chats with Judge Judy about her thoughts on the election and the passage of Proposition 8 in California. Have a look at the video from CNN.

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A Beautiful Thing – Go Silverton!

Check this video out of Stu Rasmussen, who is the re-elected mayor of Silverton, OR and is also Dlisted “Hot Slut of the Week“. Previously Mayor as a he and is now going to be Mayor as a she, Stu is the first openly transexual Mayor. And I say, that’s AWESOME – what a cool-assed town. 

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Mormon Thievery

Much has been voiced about the discrimination of the approval of Proposition 8 in California, but maybe you’re like me and were really surprised the vote came down to such a close percentage spread. 

Since then, I’ve been wondering how could it have passed…?  Here’s an interesting theory, Mormon Thievery & Oppression.

In short, the site above summarizes the efforts of the Mormon Church to lead a feet on the street, propaganda, and fear based campaign to sway voters to pass Prop 8.  (Additionally, the site goes on into explaining the positioning, history, and agenda of the Mormon Church, which I always think is good info to review from time to time, so I know who it is that is knocking on my door, riding around my neighborhood on a bike, etc.)

Controversy without recourse…?  NO!  According to the IRS, groups such as the Mormon Church can lose their tax exempt status if they participate in the actions, summarized above. 

If you’re a California resident, there’s an online petition that you can use to express your support for rallying to amend the tax laws towards the Mormon Church.  If you’re not a CA resident then keep an eye out for similar efforts in your area. 

Finally, if you haven’t already seen enough on this subject, there are a few interesting videos for you after the jump.

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Flying Soon…? Kinky!


Airline crew subdues passenger with duct tape!

CNN Story Highlights

  • Crew whips out duct tape after passenger fights with attendants & blind person
  • Why the duct tape? United crew says ankle cuffs kept slipping off the suspect  
  • (Scarcely Related, Unfortunately)
    Mile High Club How-To Tips:

    1. Take the red-eye
    2. Take advantage of airplane booze
    3. Don’t be shy
    4. Dole out the cash for a fancy flight – Mile High Atlanta is a charter-plane company that lets couples join the club for $379
    5. Sanitize, Sanitize, Sanitize

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