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Hurricane Winehouse Strikes Again

According to The Sun:

Amy Winehouse escaped an assault probe after hurling a glass of water over a woman tourist. The singer, 25, at first refused to say sorry to the shocked 27-year-old after flying into a rage during dinner at a posh Caribbean resort. But she apologised to the woman and her partner after hotel bosses brokered a peace deal to avoid the couple calling cops.

This is my favorite part of the story: Some staff have started singing their own version of Rehab under their breath when she’s around. “But they altered the chorus to sing, ‘Just go, go, go’.” (I couldn’t agree more)

While I’m tempted to post a picture of a ratty-haired Amy, I decided to focus on the positive and post a picture of her before she started circling the drain. It is a new year after all. 🙂


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Here’s $300, Please Spawn No More!

crackabbay1Whitney & Amy albums aside, when is it a good idea to give a crack head $$$?  What if it was to convince them to participate in long-term contraception so they’ll avoid further reproduction?

Project Prevention in Tuscon, AZ has already worked with nearly 3,000 drug addicts who have each received $300 for exhange of their fertility. 

Possible Ethical Dilemma….?  What do you think?

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