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The Lance Bass Vacation Looks Like Fun!

Sign me up, screw this cruise stuff. Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Holland America ain’t got nothing on what this vacation looks like. If you notice, Lance still has his “Dancing With The Stars” body and that makes me wanna take up a dance class, or go on Survivor. Cause you know usually, you’d be like, “Don’t stand near me in this picture you hot asshole!” 

Anyway, check out the pics below and go here to see more – the pics are beautiful!



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Um, Can I Get a New Partner?

“I’m not fully happy with my partner, can I get a different one?” I’m sure that’s what this pro dancer (Karina Smirnoff, not to be confused with the fancy drink) was thinking when she got Steve Wozniak as her partner for Dancing With The (Once or Never) Stars. I mean, really

dwtsSee the rest of the stunners here

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Speaking of Dallas From The Amazing Race…

Remember when these Dallas pics hit the internet but weren’t censored? Well, you probably know they were yanked because he was supposedly under 18 when they were taken – but many people suggest that the stamp on the camera indicates the camera’s age, and that would make Dallas 19 at the time of the photo. But really, who cares? While he looks good all over (yes, I’ve seen them), let’s just appreciate what we can legally see, shall we? And Starr, you’re one lucky biatch.

dallas-2-amazing-race1   dallas-amazing-race1

Click here for a still-censored-but-showing-a-bit-more-skin picture but I’m hearing that allegedly, supposedly, possibly, the uncensored pic is here.

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The Amazing Race Showmance: Dallas & Starr

Amazing Race’s Post Show Hook Up!!!
Dallas & Starr are a couple of sorts…
dallasstarr dallasstarr2

Here’s the quick math on their relationshuns:
She’s got the money +1
He’s got good hair +1
i.e. It’s a tie!

I would love to be on Dancing with the Stars. I’ve been in cheerleading, dancing my whole life and that is one show I’d love to be in. And if Dallas and I don’t work out, I would love to be on The Bachelorette!” – Starr

That’s got to be the most romantic thing I’ve heard
since I was declined by match.com.

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Hump Day Quickie

Here’s the latest rundown of what’s shakin’ in the wonderful world of pop (trash) culture:

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Tuesday Morning Quickie

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Next Season On Dancing With the Stars!

Thanks to AWQ for this.

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