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You’ve Got To Give Him Credit For Trying!


Being that Kristin Cavallari is a lady, I’m sure that her denial is based more on the outdated Oktoberfest T-shirt or the funky thing going on with his jams rather than anything else when she was approached by this lil’ nugget in South Beach. 

I think I’ve found the title for my new best seller:  09′ The Year of the Lil’ Guy!

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Pretty Girls Are Like Cars That Need A Lot Of Oil

alec_greven_nine_year_old_talk_to_girls1That’s what he said, no really – that’s what this little, punk kid said in the book he just published, How to Talk to Girls.

My question is how this lil guy got published:  Did he win a coloring contest at his local Albertson’s or something? 
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Is It Time To Reach Around The Aisle?

Can a Democrat date a Republican?

There are plenty of articles out there regarding this topic; I researched through a lot of them and pulled a few of the more colorful points, quotes, and comments:

“Opposites may attract, but similarities endure”

“Would a Dem and a Rep Make It Work, not this one!”

“Republicans Are People, Too.”

“Look at Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife Maria. It works for them.”

“Things are going wonderfully, until your date mentions the unthinkable. No, he’s not straight; he’s a… Republican.”

 “Respect your date (even if he/she is wrong!)”

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Internet Porn & You

This is how I’ve always explained it: ‘It was here before you, and it will be here after you go.’

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