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Lindsay Lohan, This Judge Ain’t Playin’

Today, Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 90 days jail and 90 days of inpatient rehab. Watching the video makes me feel sad – not sad for woman who has repeatedly made a mockery of the justice system (intentionally or not), but sad for how delusional she must be to think the sentencing is unfair. It also makes me sad when a human being’s disease, circumstances with how they were brought up, whatever their motivation for delusions, prevents them from being able to accept responsibility for his or her behavior. In watching the video, you realize that she is a human being with a heart and soul, but you also feel sorry for her because she seemed to truly not expect this.

Above all of those things though, I feel glad that perhaps this woman will be saved from herself, that she will realize there are consequences for her chosen actions, and hopefully it’ll scare the living shit right out of her and she can go on to have a fruitful career that seemed inevitable just ten years ago. I caught “Freaky Friday” the other night on cable, and I have to say that she really is talented – I know it sounds funny to reference a relatively light Disney film, but I could easily reference “Mean Girls”, “Georgia Rule”, or even “A Prairie Home Companion”.

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Kudos to the judge for laying down the law and not taking any of these Hollywood spin machine excuses. Makes us believe that celebrities could be one of us too.

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Trading Spaces – DUI Edition

I was neither designated nor the driver for the recent NYE, however that wasn’t exactly the case for Trading Spaces designer, Doug Wilson.  doug-wilson

“According to a spokeswoman for the Decatur County Jail, Wilson was pulled over at approximately 1 a.m. after he failed to yield to a police vehicle, which had its lights and sirens wailing.

The cops took the interior designer into custody and charged him with all sorts of infractions: aggravated DUI, driving on a suspended license, failing to yield the right-of-way to an emergency vehicle and unlawful transportation of alcohol. He was booked into Decatur County Jail and released on $1,000 bond a few hours later.”

Why couldn’t it have been Hildi…?

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Morning After Inventory

Here’s a site you’ll want to use the next time you wake up with that tiny, moderate, or mandingo hangover and you’re going through the checklist of the night before. 

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Don’t Arrest The Man – Ask Him To Do It Again!

42-17008721It takes talent to drive drunk while being chased by the police chase and at some point to commit vehicular negligence by running over your own leg.  A real ace found a way to do so in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

Here’s an excerpt from the full story:

After narrowly missing other vehicles, police said Roy Aguilar drove through a ditch and a barbed-wire fence before stopping. He tried to put the truck into park, but it ended up in reverse.  Police said Aguilar fell from his open door and both of his legs were run over by the front driver’s side tire.

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