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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Gets Schooled By Jesse Ventura

As Rosie would say, “Whoop, there it is.” Jesse, you go on and tell her what it is. Holla!


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‘The View’ From Here: Mediocrity

In an effort to no longer have true conflict on The View, Sherri Shepherd tries to run interference between Melissa Etheridge and dumb-bitch Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Melissa had her down on the mat and just seconds away from a self-contradiction about her stance on Prop 8, and then Sherri had to jump in and claim they were out of time. Damn you Sherri and your beat-ass wig!

I love how they both claimed “love” for each other just to end it on a positive note.¬†Well Elisabeth, I don’t love you – I loathe you. There, I said it. HUGS.

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