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Watch This: Charm School Reunion Teaser

In addition to the post I just made yesterday, here’s an actual clip of the fight that went down – have a look.

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Poor Lindsay…Daddy’s Online Now Too

michael-lohanIt’s gotta suck when you’re not only a little bit on the crazy side (Lindsay) and working through your shit, but now crazy’s Dad (Michael) is online spouting off his craziness – all under the guise of “GOD” and “love” and “truth”. Well, now he’s threatening Samantha with information that he could expose about her should she or Lindsay say one more thing about him. I’m paraphrasing of course. 

This is just crazy, crazy I tell ya! I’m not sure how much “love” can truly be involved when you take to the press to try to save your daughter, but to each his own. 

Here’s Papa Crazy’s supposed new website. Fun times, let the games begin! 

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