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Oh, Fox News – You’ve Done It Again!

Watch the shout-out ticker at the bottom of the screen; what a mess!

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He Didn’t Fool Anyone

arab-sheetSure Haji Yakub, we believe that you were ‘only’ dressed in a burka to avoid being caught by NATO troops.

In addition to your offenses against humanity, we are adding your dreadful choice of outdated linens as a heinous crime against fashion; sky blue is so 2004.

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Read This, Read This, Read This

A Letter to My Brother Newt Gingrich

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How Quickly They Turn

I find it really interesting that now that John McCain has lost the election, FOX News now is turning on Sarah Palin, and turning on her hard. In this video, they not only make themselves look like total hypocrites because they pushed so hard for her and defended her with regards to her readiness, but they are also just flat-out trashing her. Does anyone else find this to be odd, to say the least?

As with anything else on this channel, I have to wonder what their angle is…is it to clear the Republican reputation that they feel she diminished? Who really is to blame?

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