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Pussy In A Box Part 2

Remember this cat who liked to body surf on a box? Well, the cat is back and ready to show another box who’s the boss in the household. Isn’t that a metaphor or something complexicated like that? Pussy, box, rule the house, you get what I’m saying. 

Enjoy the video and think about how you might execute this strategy in your own home – literally or figuratively. 

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Bizkit, The Sleep-Walking Dog

Who says dogs don’t have dreams? No really, does anyone say that? Anywhoo, check out this video of a dog having some nasty dreams and running into a dead-end as a result.

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Bike-Riding Dalmation Is Having A “Ball”

Or is having two, if you want to be literal. Check out the below clip from Anderson Cooper 360, and I love when the raccoon comes on the screen!

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Shoplifting Dog

In Utah no less, watch below. 

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