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Time To Clean Out My Pantry

Damn, Prevention Magazine has run a list of foods that we think would be healthier options but aren’t exactly all that one might hope. I’m not afraid to say that I have chosen these “alternatives” as food choices and now I’m not sure what to do! Check out the list below and here’s the link to read why you might not want to count on them if you’re watching your waistline. 

  • Baked potato chips (yes)
  • Gummy fruit snacks (hell to the yes)
  • Light ice cream (guilty)
  • Diet soda (not a huge fan)
  • “Calorie-free” Margarine (uh, no)
  • Non-fat salad dressing (yeah, but I don’t love salad)
  • Low-fat cookies (not really, if I eat cookies I will have the real stuff)
  • 100-Calorie packs (portion control, or so I thought – but I don’t dabble too much in this either)


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