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Top 60 Ghetto Names

I’m not sure they’re “ghetto” but I do love them – all of them! I could use to know more people with these names, cause I love me some sistas!

Thanks Craig for this link.


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How Can A Pole Dance Be So Wrong?

Somehow, I just don’t enjoy it – it’s not the artistry, the classy decor, the wardrobe, nor the music, those are all on point. It’s just something, I’m not sure what. 

Does it rival Shane Mercado? Folks, what do you think?

It’s semi-NSFW, so it’s after the jump. Continue reading

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I Found It: HSN Host Has Breakdown On Air!

I have been looking for this FOREVER. I used to have it but alas, it got lost in cyber-world. Watch this and I challenge you not to laugh hard, trust me. Continue reading

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Shake That Ass Cameron Diaz!

Watch this hilarious clip of Cam and Jimmy Fallon doing a dance-off, old school style. People say I look like him, I’m not sure about that but it’s a great compliment n’est-ce pas?  And she, she is a beautiful creature, just all around.

And you know these must be hard economic times, cause it looks like this video was taken with a handicam on a beat up TV. Hard times ya’ll!

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You’ll Love Vince’s Nuts!

Hello, Slap Chop! Love it! Want it! Need it!

This new infomercial with Vince Offer (he’s a whole ‘nother blog), the man who brought us ShamWOW, has brought us yet another ingenious item. He proclaims to make our lives “un-boring” with this new creation, as well as making us a “skinnier” nation by slapping our fat away! I’m all for that!! Vince, sign me up! Seriously, watch this video. Vince really has a gift for selling the sarcasm and the I could give 2 shits about this product approach and I love it!!!

Keep an eye out for the blingin’ fruit!


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Tom Cruise Stole My Buddy!

In a brand new follow-up to the popular “Tom Cruise Is A Cock-Block” video series, a guy tries to rescue his friend from Tom Cruise’s mansion.

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Clown Phobia Is Funny Sh*t!

Ok, I recognize that people have a real phobia of clowns but this video still makes me laugh. Terrible? Yes. I accept that. Having said that, I wouldn’t try to scare her with clowns, even if deep down I would really want to. 

Skip to 2:45 for the best part, although it all is pretty fascinating. 

If the video isn’t enough for you, click here and read the entries. 

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Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper Ring in the New Year

They’re getting ready for tonight’s big NYC celebration – and they take a quick pitstop for a call to Kathy’s mom and her box of wine. Excuse me, bottle of wine. 

Watch more here

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Santa’s On The DL

Quality Editing – Muchly Appreciated
Aman Shout Out!

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Holiday Parking Stress-Reliever

Here’s a classic video, and almost a PSA for good manners, of parking at the mall during the festive, joyous, and somewhat manic time of the year known as Christmas. “Oops, my bad!”

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Showcase Showdown Foolery, and “Fantasia” Is Pissed Off

Today’s Price is Right contestant guessed the EXACT price of his showcase during the “Showcase Showdown”. You know that “Fantasia” is about to cut his ass too, you know, since her house is now on the auction block. Watch the video after the jump. Continue reading

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Tranny Get Your Gun, Or At Least Your Footing

Everyone’s falling down these days, even seasoned drag queens – including semi-famous Candis Cayne from Dirty Sexy Money. Time to check the props before you go on stage, you don’t want to be added to the ever-growing list now do you?

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Hi Mom, Glad To Know You’re Doing Well…

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Ghetto or Cutting Edge? You Decide.

Let me not answer that, but instead provide this video to help you in your decision-making.

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Models Fall, Sounds Like Silverware

Check out this video of models falling during shows and yes, I’ll go straight to hell for laughing my ass off. The good news though is that we can all party down there. See you soon, HUGS.

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