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A Parody of “Alejandro” – “You’re A Homo”

Pretty funny stuff, especially since it addresses self-hatred in government – you know, the politicians that vote against gay rights yet slum it in the bathrooms and hang with escorts – stuff like that.

Anyway, it’s kind of a funny approach – perfect in its campy style. You might even like it better than Gaga’s. Enjoy!

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The Colbert Coalition’s Anti-Gay Marriage Ad

As always, Colbert gets his point across in a hysterical way. Thanks Mr. Colbert.

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Parody Of “Gathering Storm” Ad

Hysterical parody of the NOM’s “Gathering Storm” Ad. Hopefully it shines the light on the ridiculousness of the original. 

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Amazon Fail – A Glitch Perhaps?

amazon-failI’m not sure exactly how I feel about this. On the one hand, I think that if a true “glitch” was made people shouldn’t overreact. But on the other hand, I don’t understand HOW a glitch like that could be made without some sort of mis-categorization, which would be pretty disgusting. Did this happen to other “types” of books, other “categories” of books, etc.?  I’ve included a summary of what happened down below, but I’ve also heard that when someone types in “homosexual”, it will show up with “How to prevent your kid from being a homosexual” types of books – and again, maybe all books related to that topic should in fact be listed, as much as I hate that those books are even available. And after having read the below and the article in its entirety, it seems to be flat-out discrimination, which infuriates me. Especially coming from a company in my own back yard, in a city that in general is very loving and tolerant of diversity. So, I ask the obvious: WTF Amazon?

For those just waking up to the scandal, here’s what happened: Amazon has a policy of removing books labeled as “adult” from its sales rankings (which by itself could discourage sales). This, in turn, has a ripple effect of removing books from elsewhere on the site, such as in search results and “related books” listings. The Amazon system is proprietary, so it’s hard for outsiders to determine the full implications of such a removal. Anecdotal evidence from authors searching for their banned books returned wildly different results at different points over the weekend, but it was clear that if allowed to go unchecked, the “adult” label would have a severe impact on sales—if the readers can’t find it, the readers can’t buy it.

What kinds of books received this “adult” label? Erotica with gay themes (but not heterosexual themes), rape survivor advocacy and rape culture criticism, and feminist missives were among those suddenly labeled adult material. Soft-core hetero porn (such as Playboy centerfold calendars), hetero-themed sex toys and anti-gay screeds were left untouched. Let the maelstrom begin. 

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God Must Love Little Debbie

That title is from the number 4 comment from this well-written article about Maggie Gallagher, and the comment made me laugh out loud. Below is an excerpt about the “strength in family” expert and I might quickly add: If you’re that “concerned” about the state of marriage and straight couples, why don’t you spend some time working on outlawing divorce? 

A Yale graduate in Religious Studies, Gallagher has a knack for being on the wrong side of controversy. She first came to prominence by penning a defense of Dan Quayle’s criticism of the unwed mother subplot on Murphy Brown and ever since, she’s been a reliable shill for the Republican party. This isn’t surprising considering they pay her for her opinion.

In 2002 Gallagher testified to Congress, arguing in favor of Bush’s proposed $300 million program to strengthen families. The one thing she forgot to leave out; she was on the Bush payroll to the tune of $21,500. When theWashington Post‘s Howard Kurtz uncovered the story, she replied, “Did I violate journalistic ethics by not disclosing it? I don’t know. You tell me.” The Economist wrote about her in a piece entitled “The Etiquette of Bribery.”

But political hacks don’t die, they just get cushy jobs at necon think tanks like the National Organization of Marriage. Gallagher has become cable news’ go-to gal for the anti-gay marriage side of the story and she tries to make the most of it, portraying herself as a woman who doesn’t have any desire to infringe on the rights of gays and lesbians, but is simply, deeply concerned about gay marriage’s impact on straight couples.

On Hardball yesterday, she went tete-a-tete with HRC’s Joe Solomonese as they argued about her new ad, which Joe characterized as a series of lies.

Check the video after the jump. Continue reading

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Mandisa Returns – Hello? Anyone There?

Remember, Mandisa from American Idol Season 5? I remember that she was someone that the gays immediately were drawn to, big voice, big attitude, full of confidence. And you know, us gay boys have a thing for full-bodied sistas. Well, that feeling was fleeting as it often is when someone starts talking a bit too much God, the Holy Ghost, sinning, all that stuff. It scares us a bit because that has often been a belief system used to discriminate against us. Well, she got in some gay hot water when she hedged on some questioning during an article in The Advocate, where she talked about “the lifestyle”. 

Since that time, she has kind of clarified her position and says, “I think that we are called to love people that are different from us and that don’t agree with the things we agree with.” 

Um, well Mandisa – that doesn’t work for me. I don’t agree with you making love to cheeseburgers, or singing crappy Christian music but see, those things are a choice. I don’t choose a lifestyle of being gay. If you were to describe my lifestyle, here are some words that might come to mind: “boring”, calm, video-game playing, animal-loving, partner-supporting, upcoming straight cruise-taking, etc. A lifestyle might be to go out every night, wake up in an alley from drinking, dealing crack behind a dumpster downtown, turning tricks at the gym, etc. Lifestyle has nothing to do with my sexuality, it has to do with perceived morality, and my “lifestyle” is pretty much in line with any other married person that you might perceive as “normal”. Does that make sense Mandisa?

Oh yeah, Mandisa has a new album coming out – I can’t remember the name or date. Must be my lifestyle again, damn this lifestyle! I guess I should put down my glow sticks and stop listening to Judy Garland so I can remember such details.

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Scott Renfroe, You Suck

renfroeBeing gay is comparable to murder? Check this quote from Scott Renfroe, a Colorado State Senator, from Towleroad

“Homosexuality is seen as a violation of this natural created order, and it is an offense to God…I’m not saying this (homosexuality) is the only sin that’s out there. We have murder. We have all sorts of sin. We have adultery. And we don’t make laws making those legal, and we would never think to make murder legal.”

Listen to the audio after the jump. Continue reading

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Funny Site: WTF Would Jesus Do?


From The USC Daily Trojan:

On my fifth and final day rushing Alpha Gamma Omega, two AGO brothers confronted me about my sexuality. That is, two AGO brothers confronted, questioned and attacked my sexuality. Although I was honest with them about my being gay, I was made to feel extremely uncomfortable. From these conversations, it became inescapably clear that AGO would not extend a bid to me because I am gay, an instance of blatant homophobia.

This one just gets better and better:
(Read More)

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Sean Penn, You Rock!

Here he is talking at the New York Critics Circle Awards, where he won Best Actor for his portrayal of Harvey Milk in Milk

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Obama To Overturn “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

President Obama will end the 15-year-old “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy that has prevented gay and bisexual men and women from serving openly within the U.S. military, a spokesman for the president-elect said.

Obama said during the campaign that he opposed the policy, but since his election in November has made statements that have been interpreted as backpedaling. On Friday, however, Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs, responding on the transition team’s Web site to a Michigan resident who asked if the new administration planned to get rid of the policy, said:

“You don’t hear politicians give a one-word answer much. But it’s ‘Yes.’ ” Read more here.

To add my two-cents: I have a friend who was in the Navy since high school, so almost 15 years on a nuclear sub, he was intending to retire from the Navy. He served our country, he traveled around the world, postponed having a civilian life as he was always traveling, missed his 20’s completely but was able to have a wife and two kids. Well, he eventually came to terms with his sexuality and slowly realized that he was gay. Well, eventually he had an AOL profile where he indicated he was gay. He didn’t post ads, was always professional at work, didn’t “tell”, etc. However, it seems that the Navy “stumbled” across his AOL profile and determined that he had “told” and as a result he was discharged. Yes, just like that. 

Does the policy ultimately make sense? No. If someone makes you feel uncomfortable in the workplace, whether that be at a fast-food restaurant, the Navy, or in a skyscraper office building, that’s an issue of professionalism, not sexuality. I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to say it, if a good American is willing to risk their life for our country, we should allow them to do so. 

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Seattle Gay Bars Targeted

Eleven gay bars in Seattle received letters today addressed to the “Owner/Manager” from someone claiming to be in the possession of ricin, a deadly poison. “Your establishment has been targeted,” the letter begins. “I have in my possession approximately 67 grams of ricin with which I will indiscriminately target at least five of your clients.”

According to the CDC’s website, someone who has ingested “a significant amount” will develop vomiting and diarrhea within the first 6-12 hours; other symptoms of ricin poisoning include hallucinations, seizures, and blood in the urine. There is no antidote for ricin but ricin exposure is not invariably fatal.


To the left is a public notice that was posted by a bar manager at the Seattle Eagle.

A letter also arrived in The Stranger‘s offices, addressed to the attention of “Obituaries.” The letter’s author said the paper should “be prepared to announce the deaths of approximately 55 individuals all of whom were patrons of the following establishments on a Saturday in January.” The listed bars are: the Elite, Neighbours, Wild Rose, the Cuff, Purr, the Eagle, R Place, Re-bar, CC’s, Madison Pub, and the Crescent. “I could take this moment to launch into a diatribe about my indignation towards the gay community,” the letter concludes, “however, I think the deaths will speak for themselves.”

Typically, this kind of thing would make me mad but for some reason, I just feel pity for the person. I wonder what they’re dealing within their soul that makes them want to harm another human being, gay or not. The gay community will, as we always do, band together and protect one another. This kind of ugliness only makes us stronger as a population and does not invoke fear in us (except for the initial response of fear from a threat), but rather, reinforces our continuous need for activism. 

Nice try gross person (said in my best 5-year old voice).

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Obama, Maybe He’s Not the Best Choice

Barack Obama has pissed of the gays and we are not going to accept it quietly. In choosing Rick Warren to deliver the invocation at his inauguration, he has chosen an advocate of hate against our huge segment of the population, a segment that played a significant role in his election. If it’s true that we are who we surround ourselves with, then this isn’t a good sign of judgement at all and it concerns me.

Here’s an excerpt of the story below:

Rick Warren, the senior pastor of Saddleback Church in southern California, opposes abortion rights but has taken more liberal stances on the government role in fighting poverty, and backed away from other evangelicals’ staunch support for economic conservatism. But it’s his support for the California constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage that drew the most heated criticism from Democrats Wednesday. 

“Your invitation to Reverend Rick Warren to deliver the invocation at your inauguration is a genuine blow to LGBT Americans,” the president of Human Rights Campaign, Joe Solomonese, wrote Obama Wednesday. “[W]e feel a deep level of disrespect when one of architects and promoters of an anti-gay agenda is given the prominence and the pulpit of your historic nomination.”

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‘The View’ From Here: Mediocrity

In an effort to no longer have true conflict on The View, Sherri Shepherd tries to run interference between Melissa Etheridge and dumb-bitch Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Melissa had her down on the mat and just seconds away from a self-contradiction about her stance on Prop 8, and then Sherri had to jump in and claim they were out of time. Damn you Sherri and your beat-ass wig!

I love how they both claimed “love” for each other just to end it on a positive note. Well Elisabeth, I don’t love you – I loathe you. There, I said it. HUGS.

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“Vertical Stripes” Are Supporting Barack in 2012


I may not know much about traditional family values, but I’m guessing that there may be something of interest in the Huckabee Family Closets. 

Let’s play, ‘I Wonder What It Is…’

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