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Gerard Butler Is In A Dark, Dark Place

Guess who’s boinkin’ now?


Give me a second……          I just had that lil yucky throat heave thing going on and I wasn’t even tryin’ this time!  I guess if you need to have a balanced portfolio of skeezer poot for your bar stories then I understand; actually, no I don’t understand and was just trying to give GB the benefit of the doubt.  She even has a redonkulous nickname for him – Dlisted.

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The Ugly Truth Trailer > Zzzz Zzzz Zzzz…

The only thing this clip does for me is that it further confirms my Izzie Theory!  Maybe that’s not entirely true, but hasn’t the world already seen Heigl be the lame-date and Butler be the lead-XY in a flick? 

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Celebrity HG

Gerard Butler is in the Friend Zone with a hottie in Santa Monica. 

Jesse Metcalfe got knocked the F%*K OUT after falling down two flights of stairs at the afterparty for the World Music Awards in Monte Carlo. 

I’ve never understood how momentum builds causing a person to roll across the transitional part of a flight of stairs and then propels them further down…  Either way, I presume both guys will be tested for something this week, and I’d like to wish them the best!

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