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Oh, I’ll Do It…

So there’s this fitness class at my gym on Sunday’s that involves rhythmic dancing, and it’s one of those fish bowl kind of rooms where random strangers have the best view.  Keep in mind that I only pop-n-shake at the club so I wasn’t actually in the class, but at one point the instructor yelled out ‘Freestyle!’ which apparently means find your own style and ‘go at it – whooo’.  (Oh, Happy Day – LMFAO)

I probably won’t make it to this week’s class, but if I am ever put up to a dare this is how I’m gonna represent:

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Warning: Funny, But Icky!

Watch this, if you dare. Icky!

A SHITTY DAY AT THE GYM (PART 1) on FunnyOrDie.com

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