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I Need To Get My Roots Done, Can You Spot Me?

Blondes may have more fun, but being a Brunette is cheaper… 

Denver – “I didn’t have any clients Wednesday so I cleaned one of my client’s houses,” said Tatum Taylor, owner of Denver’s Sanuk Studio.  “The gray-haired people still come. They are your bread and butter — they are not going to give it up,” said Taylor. “The ones that were just highlighting for fun cut me out of their budget. They’re doing their own color and they just go longer in between haircuts.”  Color doesn’t come cheap so many salons said their typical blondes were opting for a darker shade so its more low maintenance.

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Need a Style Makeover? Who Doesn’t?

Click here to try on many different hairstyles that you see many of your favorite celebrities wearing.

Disclaimer: It works best for women, although men can do it too. Here I am, looking a little Axl Rose with just a tiny bit more sheen than he might have.

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