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True Blood Fans – Meet Your New Werewolf

I wonder if he works out? Meet Joe Manganiello.

The specimen below just appeared in Episode 3 and it’s too soon to know what his role will be. But do we really care or just like to look at him? Well, if you want to actually know more about him, click here for more details about the person behind the body.

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Ted’s Confruzed On Oprah

Yesterday’s Oprah was pretty interesting.  If there’s one thing that was consistent throughout the whole show it’s that Ted Haggard is a mess!  HBO is releasing a documentary on The Trials of Ted Haggard tonight; some of the clips show Ted and his family moving around like nomads, selling door to door insurance, and of course the crazy talk involving his ‘positioning’ on being gay.


Updated:  I guess Ted’s old enough to not be affected by this new study, but he’s apparently been greasing things up again – CNN.com

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Blood Diamonds >>> “Add To Cart”

There’s obviously some grey area involved with a newly promoted site auctioning materials picked up from police confiscation.  The site promises good deals, ‘Hot Pursuit Specials’, and potentially the opportunity to find the lamp that was stolen by that crackhead two years ago. 

prop1 prop3 prop2

So far, I’ve seen pretty good deals on snowmobiles, iPods, and a VW Jetta.  Generally speaking, I’m not overly superstitious about materialistic items, but in this case I just don’t know if I could shake the stigma of a new rolex that would constantly remind me of The Wire on HBO.

Happy Shopping & Stay On The Grind!

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