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A HOT Mess!!!

cumfaces_4Way better than smiling for the camera, East Village Boys contributor Stuart Sandford is gathering Kodak Moments for the sequel to his publication of Cumfaces.  It’s rather PG-13, so don’t get all right wing or nuthin’.

I Love Those Sheets!

Click here for more info, pics, or ways to participate.


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Don’t Try This At Home!

Don’t try this at home, work, school, or at the Wash-N-Save, either.

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Dear Pamela Anderson

Pam, I love you – I do. I admire you for your intelligence (yes, truly!) and your commitment to causes that I hold dear to my heart. I even loved watching your E! show, Pam: Girl on the Loose.


However, I’m not sure that wearing that is helping any of those causes and frankly, please put that shit away



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Lookin’ A Straight Mess

Please support my initiative to help Gary Coleman enter retirement.  A few years ago, he was the official spokesperson (i.e mascot) at a Hood-Thumpin Battle of the Bands I had the pleasure of attending in Alabama; it was kind of disheartening seeing him there. 

I’ve opened an account at B of A and they have agreed to match all donations, big and small.

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