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Hottie Jersey Swap

Choose the two guys you want to see take their shirts off and switch them with the other. Kind of fun, silly, and with definitely cute gents. 

Go here to make the magic happen. 

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Cristiano Ronaldo Wrecks His Douche-Mobile

Yes, Cristiano Ronaldo was in a car accident with his douche-mobile and thankfully he is doing well, but let’s look at his hotness because…well, just because! Ignore his butterface (although it’s improved over the years) and just appreciate the hairless muscles ok?



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Mario Lopez, I Like Your Shorts


I’ll spare you the “but they would look better on my floor” joke. 🙂

See more here.

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Christian LeBlanc, Please Pass (Yourself) The Potatoes

christian-leblancDude, seriously, eat some carbs would ya? Yes, you look physically amazing – especially for a man that’s 50-years old. But when you get that lean it totally shows on your face and that my friend, is why I choose to stay a little bit porky – it helps with not showing wrinkles.

You have a choice, raisin-face/hot bod or beer belly/smooth face, you can’t have both a hot body AND a hot face. (OK, you can but it makes me feel better to think that)

Go here to see more of the photos.

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