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Cool Gift Ideas For Your Pets!!!

Recession, depression, and indigestion aside – let’s be sure to remember who the really important souls are in our lives this holiday season.  Here are some kooky things that you’ll be glad you wasted your money on:

Hello Kitty:

Goal Fish:

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Did Anyone Have a “Virtual” Thanksgiving?

As many of you might have seen during the CNN live elections, they were able to broadcast hologram images into the CNN studio, or as I prefer to say, “beam” them in. Well, just think about where this technology could lead us! No longer will we have to sit in traffic to go to the folks’ house, to endure childhood resentments, and to make fake nice with your sister’s new “beau” that will likely not be around by the time the dishes are washed. You know the situation. 

So, have a look at this video and just imagine the possibilities. You could say something to the effect of, “I know you like Billy more than me and by the way, I did steal that beer in high school and yes, I did have dirty, filthy sex in your bed when you were at that work conference!” And then “CLICK”, you beam out.


And it’s good for the environment as there’s no travel involved. Genius!

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Help Us Grow!

On behalf of all of us here at aviewofthec.com we’d like to thank you in advance for tagging the Halloween candy you are passing out this year with a shameless plug for our site. 

The following are slogans that have been approved by our Marketing Department:

Want More Candy? Visit aviewofthec.com

Get Tricks & Treats @ aviewofthec.com

Got a bag of flaming poo?  Get tips for revenge @ aviewofthec.com

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The X Prize Foundation, the same organization behind the $30 million Google Lunar X Prize to send private vehicles to the moon, said Tuesday that it has put together an eco challenge for YouTubers called “What’s your crazy green idea?” Dream up a world-changing idea to stop global warming, post a two-minute YouTube video about it, and it could be worth $25,000.

The guidelines are to answer three questions: 
  1. What is the worldwide problem that you are trying to solve?
  2. What is the specific prize idea, with rules and judging criteria?
  3. How will it benefit humanity?
Go here to learn more. 

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