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If You Love Music AND Tshirts…

No, this isn’t an ad for them – I was sent the link and the concept it kind of cool. You find the song you like, the title prints on your tshirt, and you get it in a really cool package. Oh yeah, and it’s for a good cause, see the details below and here’s the link


Every i/denti/tee tee is printed on an EDUN LIVE blank. So the benefit of each purchase goes back to the people working on the product in sub-Saharan Africa. And every purchase comes with an iTunes code (USA only) that is good for 10 free songs of your choice at the iTunes Store.

Every lyric we print is licensed for use, which means money goes back to the people who brought the lyric to life – the publishers and the song writers. So each i/denti/tee t-shirt has a “copyright” patch sewn onto the back, to showcase its authenticity. Let’s see Canal Street try to bootleg that.

To help reinforce the spirit of music, each i/denti/tee is packaged in a vintage, vinyl-style album sleeve; so it looks and feels just like a 12″ record when you get it. These premium packages are great to collect and they make the perfect last minute gift for the Holiday or any special occasion.


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Reason #1,287,344 That Adam Lambert Should Win American Idol

I mean, really. Should he even still be on there? Maybe they could just let him out of it to get going on the recording process. He can make any song his own and on this song, “If I Can’t Have You”, he actually does make it sound aching. I sound like Paula, minus the slurs. Enjoy!

And yes, you can buy the full video performance by clicking here

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New Kanye Album Reviewed: 808s & Heartbreak

kanye-albumFrom Billboard: Kanye West has had a rough year (the death of his mother, splitting from his fiancee), so it’s not surprising to hear raw emotion and frustration on his fourth album. He’s not mincing words when it comes to women: He’s the victim who’s been mistreated on “Heartless,” and he’s unable to wrench himself away from an ex-lover on “Say You Will.” While interesting, these tracks aren’t nearly as fun as the cocky “Amazing” (“I’m a monster/I’m a maven”) and the Lil Wayne-assisted “See You in My Nightmares,” where he gains the upper hand in a breakup. Sonically, West pushes the envelope by relying on the drum machine from which the album takes its title, as well as the ever-popular vocoder. In the end, it seems that no matter how pained West is, as long as his one true love—himself—is intact, he will prevail in the face of adversity.

You can pre-order it here (Nov. 24 release date) or here, depending on your vendor of choice. On Amazon, you can listen to snippets of each vocoder-laden song. Enjoy!

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Super Tuesday Music Releases!

Tuesday is the best day in many respects because it’s the day all new releases for music come out. This week we have some good ones:

Go to iTunes for the rest of the new releases.itunes-new-music2

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Apple Inc. updated the software that runs its iPhones on Friday in hopes of decreasing dropped calls, improving battery life and cutting the time it takes to synchronize the device with a computer.

Shortly after Apple made the new software available on its iTunes online service, some users offered positive feedback on Internet forums, saying it appeared the device was getting faster at handling key tasks. In contrast, an August update that was supposed to improve the iPhones’ connectivity to high-speed data networks drew mainly negative responses claiming it didn’t work.

Apple also said the new update “improved accuracy of the 3G signal strength display” — meaning the phone would show more “bars” on the connection meter. However, the quality of the connection was not necessarily affected by the update.

Learn more here

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Apple iTunes Store Is Blocked in China, Internet Users Say


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