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The Circus Isn’t Coming….

Rumor has it that Britney may back out of the upcoming Circus Tour!!! 


According to a reputable source at the Safeway Express line (Yeah – The National Enquirer), “Britney doesn’t want to do it, and she’s telling her father Jamie that. All the dates are booked-and $100 million would be lost if she bails.  Both her father and ex-husband King Cheetos are telling her she has to go on for the sake of her kids and their financial future. Jamie needs this tour for Britney to secure her wealth.”

Rumor Or Publicity? 
The jury is still out…


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Britney & Benji – Are They Boinkin’?

Don’t the holidays have an amazing way of
allegedly bringing people together? 

Exhibit 1:
A US magazine has reported that Paris Hilton’s former boyfriend (the split just a month ago) Benji Madden who is part of the rock band Good Charlotte is now reportedly dating Britney Spears.

Exhibit 2:
The claims made by In Touch are completely false,” she tells E! News. “There is not an ounce of truth to any of it.”  The claims involve Brit Brit’s dad, Jamie Spears, and manager Larry Rudolph creating a whole Circus of potential suitors, Madden, Chace Crawford, Jesse Metcalf and Michael Phelps, among them.

Friend-2-Friend, Brit: 
Hate the game, not the playa!

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Don’t Eat The Grits, Y’all

Velveeta grits are loaded with calories!  I’m wondering if Jamie Spears may have shared his Southern Belle’s recipe with K-Fed while they were all shackin’ up together…?  Maybe it’s from the heartbreak, divorce, alimonies, antidepressants, munchies, or loneliness but the boi has picked up a few this year. 



Is it karma?  What do you think?


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