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Fall Into The Gap – 2008 Holiday Ads

The annual Gap print ads are ready, and they’re good!  I’m sure once their commercials start and I can’t get away from that ‘Best Time of the Year’ propaganda then I’ll once again flip flop and change my opinion some. 

Additionally, their website is primed and ready to go! Lot’s of artists and actors goofing around:  Romany Malco, Jason Biggs, Janelle Monae (my boo!), Flo-Rida, Sandra Bernhard, Selma Blair, and many others…

Anyhow, here’s a look at what to expect this year (arranged in order of my personal preference)!



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A Clairvoyant GQ?

Honestly, I guess even Ray Charles could’ve seen the break up coming between Madonna and Guy Ritchie – but would he have written a letter to ‘Mr. Next-Mr. Madonna’? In September’s GQ, they laid out all the new guy is going to need to know.

Here are some highlights:
* Being Madonna’s husband is like taking a ride on the space shuttle—you’re strapped to a rocket, the whole world is watching, and it’s gonna be over before you know it.
* The truth is, you’re not really the next Mr. Madonna—you’re the next former Mr. Madonna.
*You can tie her up—but you can’t tie her down. It’s like bringing a rainbow home in a bottle, and then trying to have sex with that rainbow.

Something else they predicted in September’s Issue was the increasingly popular growth of a ‘new’ artist, Janelle Monae. With a moderate amount of luv for some of the other artists that Bad Boy Records has released, Janelle doesn’t meet the “formula” by any means. As polished as she is in this ‘short film‘, she was RAW when she was in Seattle.

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