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What Time Is It?

Cool watch – I want one
I’ll probably still ask you what time it is!


(Insert Price is Right Voice Here:)
The Tenmetsu is the frontrunner in the new Kisai range of watches from Tokyoflash. The Tenmetsu combines stunning design with precision engineering and the result is a subtle and truly original fashion timepiece that attracts attention and makes a strong style statement. Designed and made in Japan, each element of each design has been carefully considered in order to make the best possible product.


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Kanye Is A Punk Ass!

Of all people to drop some ridiculous stereotypes and classifications, Kanye’s dumb ass promotes the gays and Japanese as the ones to watch in terms of knowing how to dress.  His tone makes it seem that in his opinion this is the only redeeming quality of either of these demographics.  Furthermore, this is another stereotype that isn’t remotely across the board.  Case in point, my brother!  Bless his uncoordinated self; I’d post a link to his myspace but that would shame the whole tribe.

I guess I could substantiate Kanye’s theory a little more by researching gay Japanese men, but that is just a little too far in left field for me. 

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