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Saturday Night Live – Digital Short: Motherlover

Remember “Dick In A Box”? Well, here’s the sequel, special for Mother’s Day. Continue reading

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Ba Da Da Da Da – I’m Lovin’ It

I guess that’s debate-able b/c it don’t seem to me like anyone is lovin’ it these days.  “What the French”, you say?  Well the staff at the McD’s in France gave the ol’ wanky eye to Pharrell Williams when he placed his order like a damn fool:

Additionally, did you know about this?:

The man who wrote the McDonald’s “I’m Lovin’ It” jingle has committed suicide at the age of 40.  Paul Tilley jumped to his death from the upper floor of a Chicago hotel.  Dad-of-two Tilley, from Texas, worked for the elite DDB ad agency.  His widow Cristina said yesterday: “Life is complicated and Paul was a complicated man. He loved words and he loved wordplay.”  The I’m Lovin’ It slogan was launched in 2003 with vocals by US pop megastar Justin Timberlake and has been translated into more than 20 languages.

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The Phone – Timberlake & MTV

Did you know about JT’s newest jaw dropper? 
April 21st on MTV – Move over Dance Biscuits!

Favorite Politically Incorrect Semi-Related Punchline:  “The phone goes ‘green-green’, I ‘pink’ it up, and say ‘yellow’ this is Mujabe!”

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Southland Tales, What?

Last night I watched the movie Southland Tales. I was so darn excited to watch a movie with my boyfriend Justin Timberlake and my guilty pleasure The Rock.  I knew the movie was going to be a bit wack-a-doo seeing as it was a Richard Kelly flick, the dude who did Donnie Darko. After watching this movie with high hopes, I felt used and abused, my brain still hurts a bit. I wanted my hour and half back. SERIOUSLY! How can you go wrong with JT and The Rock!? If you like things that don’t make sense or movies that are made for pretentious assholes… then this movie is right up your alley! Anyway, here’s the holy redeemer of the movie:

Did I mention I love him!?

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Rihanna Debuts “Rehab” Video

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Rihanna + Justin = ‘Rehab’

Check out the short preview for the next Rihanna release, “Rehab”. Does Justin being in it make it better or worse?

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Britney Shows Us Her “Human Nature”

While we’re on the topic of the Madonna concert in L.A. tonight, here’s the video backdrop that I mentioned earlier…the very end is actually pretty cool.

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Madonna, Britney, and Justin, Oh My! – Update

madonna-sticky-and-sweet1  britney-spears  justin-t

Update #2: Apparently Britney and Madonna will be singing “Gimme More” together. 

Update: According to X17 and even TMZ, Britney is now at the venue, Dodger Stadium. I feel like a freakin’ reporter, but anyway, there are rumors that Justin will duet on “4 Minutes” and Britney on “Human Nature”, and you probably already know she’s in the video backdrop for that song. 

Madonna brings her Sticky and Sweet tour to the only stop in Los Angeles, Dodger Stadium. Well, according to Ryan Seacrest, Britney and Justin will be joining her on stage in some capacity. Could be interesting eh?

Here are my only requests: 

  1. Justin, please perform shirtless – bonus points for pantless.
  2. Britney, please please please sing live, we didn’t fall in love with you for your amazing voice.
  3. Madonna, please do something spontaneous and step away from the machine. Would a impromptu 3-way be out of the question? I jest, I jest (kind of). 

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