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Listen to This: V.V. Brown

I’m not sure how I stumbled across her, but I did and I’m glad for it. Her music reminds me of a combination of the Shirelles, Duffy, and pretty much any retro-type British artist, but with a distinctive quality that I can’t quite put my finger on.

Most people know her for “Shark in the Water”, a song that seemed to introduce her to the masses. Anyway, listen to this track below and tell me you don’t dig it.

Performing “Back in Time” live, and I love it!

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Listen To This: Jimmy Gnecco

Sometimes when I go onto iTunes and look at the home page of new music releases, I give a sample listen to what’s new – yes, my opinions are directed by “the man”. Often times, I just skip it all but occasionally, I stumble across something that instantly hits me, and that’s what happened with this new release.

I know nothing of Jimmy Gnecco, he could be a Disney child for all I know – but the music grabbed me, the accoustic sounds, the aching voice, and heartbreaking melodies. This is when I feel compelled to buy, similar to how I’ve felt about Damien Rice, Amy MacDonald, and even Rachael Yamagata. Here’s one of the tracks that I randomly chose.

Of course, he’s not from the Disney factory and here’s a little more information about him.

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Listen To This: Amy MacDonald

I was in a store a few weeks ago and I heard a song that moved me – I can’t even remember which song it was, but I know the feeling of the music and lyrics compelled me to capture it on my Shazam application on my iPhone. Lord, I sound like such an Apple lemming don’t I? 


But back to the find, her name is Amy MacDonald and her latest (“This Is The Life”) has been out since late 2007. Sometimes new stuff takes time to be found but no matter, it was new and inspiring to me. Oh yeah, the song is “Run” and you can hear it down below. 

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Listen to This: Kanye’s “Bad News”

A song about a jilted lover, symbolizing the grief and heartbreak one might feel from learning of the demise secondhand. It’s a haunting song, give it a listen and buy the whole CD here

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