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Sponsor A Polar Bear This Winter

They are awfully cute, and they’re looking for a new place to call their own.


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A Message From Greenpeace

Balloon voting banner
This year we’ve seen massive storms pound the Southeast, floods inundate the heartland, and wildfires scorch the West Coast. It couldn’t be any clearer that it’s time to take serious action on global warming, but all too often what we hear from our leaders is a bunch of hot air.    

That’s why Greenpeace is working to make the issue of global warming as visible as possible. We’re heading into the most crucial elections in recent memory and, on Nov. 5th, we must ensure that the winners understand the need to take immediate action to solve global warming, the most urgent environmental crisis of our time.

What better way to highlight our leaders’ hot air and raise the visibility of this critical issue than taking our message to the skies in a hot air balloon?

Our new Earth-shaped hot air balloon, emblazoned with the slogans “Stop global warming” and “Save the climate,” made quite an impression during its maiden voyage last month at the International Balloon Fiesta in New Mexico. And we owe it all to you. Without your support we could not do the work we do to raise the visibility of issues like global warming. So we want to invite you to join us in naming our balloon.

TAKE ACTION! >> Vote now for your favorite name for our new hot air balloon!

Global warming is a grave threat to our planet, but solutions for solving it do exist. What’s lacking is the political leadership necessary to make stopping climate change a national imperative. Once we’ve christened the balloon, we’ll be flying it all over the country to help elevate the issue of global warming.

Don’t forget to tell your friends and family to vote, too! Together, we can stop global warming. But it’s going to take all of us working together.

See you in the skies,
Kate Smolski
Global warming campaigner 

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