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The Ugly Truth Trailer > Zzzz Zzzz Zzzz…

The only thing this clip does for me is that it further confirms my Izzie Theory!  Maybe that’s not entirely true, but hasn’t the world already seen Heigl be the lame-date and Butler be the lead-XY in a flick? 

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If you like Cameron Diaz (I do!) and you like Ashton Kutcher (I do!), then you’ll really enjoy this light-hearted romantic comedy. I tend to only like them if the stars make me forget how formulaic these things can be, and in this case, they definitely did. But in all fairness, it wasn’t as formulaic as most. 

The story in a nutshell: These two opposites meet in Vegas, get a little blitzed while reeling from their currently messed up lives, and end up having certain conditions needing to be met in order to get their Vegas earnings from a slot machine. As a pair. 
Comedy ensues and these two (along with cameos from Queen Latifah and Dennis Miller) are at their most appealing in this flick. Oh yeah, the best friends nearly steal the show and had us laughing out loud a few times. 

Being that I had surgery a few days ago and now am in eat, watch tv, and sleep mode, I have two more flicks to watch. More reviews soon!

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