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‘Real World’ Scott Has a Nice “Baskit”

Yeah, he’s a model for the underwear line and yes, he’s fine and stuff. The common statement when we’re watching The Real World is, “Shhh, don’t talk – it’s better that way.” You can see another shot here if you really want, it’s kind of blah.  


I previously posted some pics here, so enjoy some private time if you need it.

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‘Real World’ Scott Shows Us What He’s Workin’ With

scott-real-worldYeah, they all want to be actors or models and at least now they admit it right? On this season of “Real World: Brooklyn” there are a bunch of sexually ambiguous hotties, and that’s fine with me. At least I can watch it on mute and enjoy it. 

Check out the rest of Scott’s pictures and the hilarious footage of another housemate from Salt Lake City (Chet) and his “curiosities” about all things gay. I mean, all things sexual, it just so happens it’s about other men.

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