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Lady Gaga Made A Hot Video

Concept, concept, concept. With the help of Jonas Akerlund (Madonna’s “Ray of Light” vid), she does in fact create a great masterpiece of a video. In part creepy, part sexy, part dance-oriented, but the whole Mad-Hatter/Geisha/Minnie Mouse look towards the end with the sinister smile does freak me out a bit. 

Without further ado, check it out. I admire her balls, figuratively of course. 

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Beyonce Talks ‘Ego’

I think the video is a metaphor for a big cock, is it not? Or maybe just swagger, who knows. Looks like “Single Ladies” part two kind of huh?

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And The Snow Falls…

The snow is all over the place right now, covering our ground here in Seattle, creating a tranquility we rarely get to experience. Kinda-sorta related, a friend sent me this video and I’m really diggin’ it, so have a listen! Oh yeah, his name is James Wetzel and here’s his Facebook page

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