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It’s An Octomom Battle!

From one crazy to another, the official Octomom (Nadya whatever-her-last-name-is) gets to watch Kate + 8 comment on her situation – Nadya’s situation. Damn, I get confused just typing about it. 

We have one that seems like a controlling lady, and we have one who seems to hear birds chirping in her wonderland – apples and oranges baby, apples and (crazy) oranges.

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14 Kids and a New Face

Poor thing, she’s obviously a slight mess inside her head. And outside.



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Pod People!

Ewww…don’t click here if you’re still trying to digest your morning breakfast, last night’s dinner, or anything you might have eaten in the prior weekend. Yes, it’s nasty!

I think that as each one came out, you could hear a faint “ka-ching” in the background. Almost like a slot machine as you’re walking through a cheap hotel in Vegas with only one eye open, and cigarette fumes still emanating from your clothes after a long night.

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