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Real Housewives Gone Wild!!!

The DVD set will be out before you know it!  Joe Francis & Kim Zolciak were staging some closeness at Sundance over the weekend.  Indeed, it’s a match made in heaven because both of these two are fugly as hell!  I don’t really know if Kim could have found a better person to help launch her career further.  I bet she’ll be debuting her musical performance by singing in Asian porn by the end of the year! 


What next, NeNe Leakes & Al Sharpton?

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NeNe Leakes Is A Female Version Of A Hustla’

Moving through a line of credit quicker than Kim Zolciak’s career shelf life, NeNe Leakes from The Housewives of Atlanta has added a few glamour shots to her portfolio.  I really do like the new MJB style; it’s very reminiscent of the post-life-struggle chop that a lot of women I know go through when they are starting a new chapter in their life.  For NeNe, I believe that is called Chapter 11 but I’m not one to gossip…

nene7_thumbnail nene4_thumbnail nene2_thumbnail

More pics – Crunktastical 

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D-List Spinoff Alert – Househusbands of Hollywood

Oh Brother!  If you’re a kept man, I congratulate you, but I don’t know how I feel about seeing just how well kept you are.  I guess I’ll get to make a real opinion about that in August when Househusbands of Hollywood debuts. 


The cast includes Tempestt Bledsoe (“The Cosby Show”) and husband Darryl M. Bell (“A Different World”), Jillian Reynolds (formerly Barberie, from “Good Day LA”), her husband Grant and former Los Angeles Dodger Billy Ashley, among others.

It’s another doozie from Fox Reality.  Should they layer it smack dab in between reruns of Temptation Island II then I suppose that will suffice to capture my interest initially.

I wonder if NeNe is a little nervous about the competition….

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NeNe, Your Business Is All Out On Front Street!

I don’t know who NeNe pissed off in ATL, but I’ve got some friends over at Turner looking into it… Until then, here is some more HG regarding NeNe & Greg Leakes. The only thing this investigation is missing is a musically expressive interview with Kim Z!

Semi-Related – See Why I Trust Atlanta News

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Oh Snap, NeNe Gets Evicted!

nene1It’s true, It’s true.  NeNe & Greg Leakes were evicted from their Duluth, GA home for being over $6K delinquent in rent payments. 

NeNe provided the following statement in an email regarding her situation and current location:
“It’s none of your business,” she wrote. But she noted that they “are financial able and stable to live where ever we feel fits.”

This only adds to my position regarding the Housewives of Atlanta since the season began:  Atlanta is straight outta Bright Lights, Big City and If Its Glittering – That Shid Ain’t Gold.

Wasn’t NeNe the one who said ‘We gonna set it straight tonight’?  I bet her landlord wishes she’d set it straight.

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