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A Few Quick Movie Reviews

I recently joined Netflix again and since I’m not currently working, I have some time to catch up on movies that I might not shell money out for at the theatre. Yes, I spelled that in the fancy way cause you know, I’m a fancy guy. 

House Bunny
Anna Faris is great, the movie kind of sucks. It’s Legally Blonde meets Revenge of the Nerds. The moral is that if you’re a woman, wear slutty clothes and offer sex and you’ll get a man. Oh yeah, with a tiny slice of “be yourself” and shit.

Eagle Eye
Shia LaBeouf is hot and a smart actor – it’s effortless to watch him act, he’s pretty AND talented. The movie is basically about how technology can fuck you over. Absurd but full of action, I enjoyed it once I accepted the far-fetched (or is it?) storyline. Don’t watch if you’re on Adderal.

Mamma Mia!
Sucked ass. It was painful to watch, even I’m not that gay. Seriously, it was like watching a bunch of dinosaurs jump around to what should be happy-go-lucky ABBA music. Meryl was up for the challenge of her role, I mean, bravery-wise. She isn’t a good enough singer but she sure tried and I admire her chutzpah. Pierce Brosnan on the other hand, “pierced” my eardrums. The only truly good part was the daughter played by Amanda Seyfried, she’s a stunner and a great singer. Oh yeah, Colin Firth was great too.

All throughout the movie, I found myself thinking, “This is the best cast they could come up with?” In all fairness, I do have to admit that my ideal musical (and I’m not typically a musical-lover) was Moulin Rouge.

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Try Netflix On Your Mac Right Now!

Netflix is in the process of beta testing its Watch Instantly feature for Mac computers, and now it’s opened up the test for all users who wish to opt-in. Simply follow this link and you’ll be good to go: http://www.netflix.com/silverlightoptin.

There are a few caveats. First, you’ll need to download Microsoft Silverlight, a Adobe Flash-like browser plug-in for playing web video. Second, Netflix is warning that there may be bugs since it is still very much in testing mode. And third, not all movies are available via the Silverlight player.

Keep reading here.

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Tivo Is My New Best Friend

Oh, who am I kidding – Tivo already was my BFF. My others have tried (ahem, Comcast DVR) but now it’s going to get even better because they’re partnering with Netflix to allow streaming movies right from the menu on the Tivo. They’re currently testing it and in December, it should be live. This should not be confused with Amazon Unbox, which was OK but not great (I could never find any good new releases) and also took a while to download from their site to your Tivo. But now that slow experience is going to be behind us, check this article after the jump. Continue reading

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