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Snookie, I Thought You Were Classy

My heart aches for you Snookie, I feel like I have been deceived as I thought you were a classy lady! Ok, I can’t even seriously pretend to be funny about that because it’s not even believable. I will say though, that I don’t personally care that she’s making out with some dude in a bar, that part doesn’t bother me at all even if I think it’s just a tad bit tacky. However, I am a little disappointed in her outfit and positioning. I’ve never really been into “Hello Kitty” before and I’m definitely not into it now, and certainly not with a trucker hat on! Ewww.

There are a few more pics of the cast if you click this link. Don’t fret, you won’t catch anything by doing so. P.S. She’s from Jersey Shore, in case you didn’t know.


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Jesus, He’s HOT!

Not THE Jesus, I wouldn’t be quite so crass now would I? But check out Madonna’s dude, how hot is he? See more pics here

Jesus LuzJesus Luz scored the cover and a swimsuit story in the new issue of L’Officiel Hommes.

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Jessica Biel Could Turn This Gay Man Straight

Check out this hot-assed scene from the movie Powder Blue, where Jessica Biel plays a stripper. I gotta say, aside from the whole flesh-baring part, the loneliness and sadness in her eyes is just remarkable. Kudos Jessica!

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A Hot Nike “Free” Ad

Free indeed, free of body fat and free of the confines that clothing provides. I like. 

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Novak Djokovic In Playgirl?

OK, let’s be honest: I have no idea who he is. I know he plays tennis and I’m sure I could learn a bunch about him if I wanted. But what I do know is that I’m fully supportive of his decision to pose in Playgirl. Anyone agree?

novak-djokovicSee more evidence here

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Hugh Jackman’s Last Name Is Curiously Fitting

After seeing the leaked stills from the upcoming Wolverine flick, I have to say that Hugh Jackman should never be allowed to wear clothes again. And especially if he’s going to do another Oscars song and dance number that he did so well. 

I’m still catching up on stuff that I find interesting, and this has been on my mind since they leaked. Here’s one teaser pic and here is a link to many more. For those more interested in the actual movie, here’s a link to the movie site which coincidentally opens on my birthday. 


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Rugby Anyone?

Here’s a “daily hotness” pic of Sean Lamont that might just get you a little bit interested in the sport of rugby. I mean, for the love of the sport of course, or perhaps for the love of hot-assed bodies, holla!

Click here to see a whole lot more of what he’s playin’ with. NSFW people!

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