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Step Aside Shane Mercado

There are only a few Benyaki songs that I like, but I absolutely love the fact that anything she comes out with recently is like a moth to a flame for all the inner skeezers out there with a video camera. 

It kind of makes me feel sad inside b/c if this guy had any true friends they would disconnect the boy’s Comcast so he can’t hurt himself any more.

Gotta admit, he’s very whimsical.

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What…. A Jem!

It’s a part of life; certain phrases grow and develop into everyday vernacular:  ‘Thrown under the bus’, ‘Pull a Lorena Bobbit’, and ‘Beat a bitch like Tonya Harding’. 

Ain’t that some hot stank?  Where to go with this one….

If I had a Presidential shout out that allowed me to hop back into the limelight during a recession, I wouldn’t be complaining. 

If I had a reputation for conspiring to knock a heefer out over some craziness, I would think that never ending humiliation and shame would be part of my parole arrangement.

If I had an agent who could spin the plot between a Blagojevich & Harding Thriller, I would be exstatic!

Don’t worry B, I got your lightweights covered on this one and I know what I’ve got to do…  (watch and see)   

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Ugly Betty, You Stay!

This is what I’m going to look like if/when they take Ugly Betty off ABC:


Just in case you’d like a refresh, I found this for someone today and was impressed with the HQ recap:

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This Is Not An Audition For American Idol

job-fairIt’s a line for a job fair!  Yikes, I say!

I’m gonna clip some coupons this morning and research the application process for fostering some SSNs, I mean well deserving kids. 

All I can say is that if you have a job to go to this morning, ‘don’t F*#k it up!’.

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